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‘Victimised for leaving a rich man’: star fund manager’s bitter break-up

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He is one of the City of London’s most successful investors, with a fortune estimated at £300m, a luxury yacht and a collection of beautiful homes. But the star fund manager Terry Smith has hit heavy weather in the tr...

Getting over a breakup? Critics pick music, books, games and more to help

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The best method for getting through a breakup is watching Marc Webb’s movie (500) Days of Summer, in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets dumped by the original Manic Pixie Dream Girl Zooey Deschanel. For all its faults, t ...

‘I never saw my guitar again’: readers on belongings they lost in a breakup

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Even though my breakup was amicable, I felt a lot of guilt – so when I moved out I said: “Keep it all.” But, in the years since, there have been a few items of kitchenware that I wish I’d held on to: a Le Creuset cass...

Olivia Rodrigo: Sour review – the perfect soundtrack to a first breakup

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Keen not to be defined by January’s record-breaking ballad Drivers License, 18-year-old Disney-actor-turned-singer Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album opens with a surprise. “I want it to be, soos, messy,” she blurts at the ...