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Hundreds of organisations breached patient data rules, reveals BMJ

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Hundreds of organisations, including drug companies, private healthcare providers and universities, have breached patient data sharing agreements but not had their access to patient data withdrawn, a report reveals. “...

Met police breached rights of organisers of Sarah Everard vigil, hofreëls

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The Metropolitan police breached the rights of the organisers of a planned vigil for Sarah Everard in the way they handled the planned event, high court judges have ruled, in a decision hailed as a “victory for women”...

Man who breached quarantine and sparked Hobart lockdown sentenced to five months in jail

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A New South Wales man who absconded from hotel quarantine in Hobart and sparked a three-day lockdown across southern Tasmania has been sentenced to five months’ jail for breaching public health orders. Much of the isl...

Windrush: high court rules claimants’ human rights breached by Home Office

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Members of the Windrush generation had their human rights breached when the Home Office refused to grant them citizenship, the high court has ruled. Eunice Tumi and Vernon Vanriel were refused citizenship after being ...

Openbaar gemaak: Scottish anti-independence donation may have breached rules

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A Scottish anti-independence campaign group was given £46,000 from an obscure organisation that might have breached political fundraising guidelines, the Guardian can reveal.Scotland Matters, a pro-union group registe...

Emily Maitlis’ stalker tells jury he breached restraining order to ‘prove innocence’

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An “obsessive” stalker who has harassed the BBC presenter Emily Maitlis for more than 25 years has told a jury he had to breach a restraining order “to prove my innocence”. Edward Vines is alleged to have attempted to...

Coronavirus live nuus: Chili keur Sinovac goed vir kinders van ses en ouer; Viëtnam sit 'n man wat die kwarantyn oortree het, in die tronk

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Chili is die eerste land in Latyns -Amerika wat die Covid -entstof vir kinders van ses en ouer goedkeur; Viëtnam vonnis die man wat Covid aan minstens agt mense oorgedra het

Police seek urgent legal advice on whether Sydney limo driver breached Covid orders

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The New South Wales police commissioner, Mick Fuller, has conceded that police do not yet know whether the driver who sparked Sydney’s Covid-19 outbreak breached any laws, saying he has sought urgent outside legal adv...

Senior Tory says Boris Johnson should resign if he breached ministerial rules

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One of the UK’s most senior Conservatives has broken ranks and called for Boris Johnson to resign if he breached ministerial rules over the refurbishment of a Downing Street flat, amid new claims that undeclared donat...