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Ex-SNP MP Margaret Ferrier to stand trial over alleged Covid breach

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The former Scottish National party MP Margaret Ferrier will stand trial in August accused of travelling from Glasgow to London in September 2020 knowing she had symptoms of coronavirus and wilfully exposing others to ...

Aubameyang stripped of Arsenal captaincy as Arteta punishes disciplinary breach

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been stripped of the Arsenal captaincy and will not be selected for Wednesday’s match against West Ham, throwing the striker’s future at the club into doubt. Mikel Arteta dropped Aubameya...

Arsenal drop club captain Aubameyang from squad for ‘disciplinary breach’

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was left out of Arsenal’s matchday squad to face Southampton due to what Mikel Arteta described as a “disciplinary breach”. The club captain did not train on Friday and was subsequently not n...

Kabinetkantoor beboet £500,000 oor Nuwejaar honneurslys data-oortreding

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Die Kabinetskantoor is deur die VK se datawaghond met £500 000 beboet ná die posadresse van die 2020 Nuwejaar-eerbewys ontvangers is aanlyn bekend gemaak. Die Inligtingskommissaris se kantoor (ICO) amptelik gevind...

Twitch hack: data breach exposes sensitive information

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The Amazon-owned gaming platform Twitch has suffered a data breach that experts have called a “highly targeted attack”. Twitch on Wednesday confirmed it suffered a breach, and said its teams were working to understand...

Die Verenigde Koninkryk beplan om die vervolging van probleme te beëindig 'kan die internasionale wet oortree'

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Boris Johnson se plan om 'n verjaring op te lê om alle vervolgings wat verband hou met die probleme voorheen te beëindig 1998 kan in stryd met die internasionale reg wees, 'n Europese menseregtekommissaris het aan die regering gesê..

Oggendpos: Aukus deal backlash, strip search breach, Murdoch hires Piers Morgan

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Goeie more. Die VSA, UK and Australia’s defence deal has upset not only China and France, but climate experts too. Labor’s national secretary has appealed to Google over misinformation concerns ahead of the federal e...

Runnymede Trust did not breach guidance over race report, watchdog finds

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A leading race equality thinktank did not breach charity guidance despite claims from Conservative MPs that it is pursuing a political agenda, a watchdog has found. The Charity Commission’s review of the Runnymede Tru...

T-Mobile breach exposes personal information of 40 million US users

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A security breach against T-Mobile has exposed personal information, including social security numbers (SSN) and pins in some cases, of more than 40 million users, the company said in a statement on Wednesday morning....

Barnado’s blogpost on white privilege did not breach charity laws

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Barnardo’s did not breach charity laws when it published a blogpost on its website discussing racial inequality and white privilege, inadvertently thrusting it to the centre of a culture wars row, the charities watchd...

British plans for a Troubles amnesty would breach international obligations

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Dealing with the legacy of the Troubles is not easy, but there are no shortcuts. In 2014, the UK and Irish governments and Northern Ireland parties came together and negotiated a comprehensive and balanced framework f...

Matt Hancock’s breach could erode UK’s adherence to Covid rules, sê wetenskaplikes

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Behavioural scientists advising the government have warned the breaking of social distancing rules by Matt Hancock could make others less likely to adhere to Covid restrictions. The health secretary has admitted he br...

Tory MP Rob Roberts faces Commons suspension for sexual harassment breach

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The Conservative MP Rob Roberts faces a six-week suspension from the House of Commons for breaching parliament’s sexual harassment policy – but can continue to sit as an MP. According to a report published on Tuesday ...

Will Republicans back a commission to investigate the Capitol breach?

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House Democrats are poised to adopt legislation to create a 9/11-style commission to investigate the Capitol attack, in a move that will force Republicans to either embrace an inquiry that could embarrass Donald Trump...

Rodgers drops Leicester’s Maddison, Choudhury and Pérez for Covid breach

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Brendan Rodgers said that he was “bitterly disappointed” with James Maddison, Hamza Choudhury and Ayoze Pérez after dropping them for Leicester’s 3-2 defeat at West Ham for a breach of Covid-19 protocols. Leicester’s ...

Another huge data breach, another stony silence from Facebook

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Half a billion Facebook users’ accounts stolen. Personal information compromised. Telephone numbers and birth dates drifting across the internet being used for God knows what. And for four days, from Facebook’s corpor...

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