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Charge Bolsonaro with murder over Covid toll, draft Brazil senate report says

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The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, should face murder charges for his role in the country’s “stratospheric” coronavirus death toll, a draft report from a senate inquiry into Brazil’s Covid crisis has recommended...

Brazil: massive sandstorm smothers parts of São Paulo state – video

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A sandstorm made by powerful winds whipping up dust from the ground has engulfed Barretos and surrounding towns north of the city of São Paulo. The storms were triggered by the worst drought to hit Brazil in nine deca...

Brazil protesters aim to summon spirit of 84 for massive anti-Bolsonaro drive

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Quasi 40 years have passed since downtown Rio was overrun with what one awestruck reporter declared “the greatest and most fantastical popular demonstration of all time”. Era 10 aprile 1984, the twilight of Brazil’...

Brazil hospital chain accused of hiding Covid deaths and giving unproven drugs

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One of Brazil’s biggest healthcare providers has been accused of covering up coronavirus deaths, pressuring doctors to prescribe ineffective treatments, and testing unproven drugs on elderly patients as part of ideolo...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: Brazil health minister tests positive at UN; India urges UK to resolve quarantine dispute

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Marcelo Quiroga tests positive after Jair Bolsonaro speaks at UN in New York; India asks UK to scrap rule for vaccinated Indian travellers

‘Everyone’s fleeing’: Brazil cracks down on illegal mining in Amazon – for now

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In the four decades since he helped found the Garden of Gold, Fernando Viana has had a front row seat to the chaotic scramble for precious metals in the Brazilian Amazon. Cutthroat squabbles over the jungle mines spri...

Brazil players are cleared for Premier League action after days of negotiations

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Premier League clubs have been cleared to play their Brazilian players this weekend after the country’s football federation dropped its demand that Fifa impose the five-day rule. The news follows several days of negot...

Brazil: warning Bolsonaro may be planning military coup amid rallies

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The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, and his allies could be preparing to mount a military coup in Brazil, according to an influential group of former presidents, prime ministers and leading public figures on the ...

Paralympics roundup: Brazil defeat Argentina to claim five-a-side gold

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Brazil have won gold in the men’s football five-a-side tournament with a 1-0 victory over Argentina in the final. They remain the only team to have won the sport since it was introduced to the Games in 2004. The winne...

Tokyo 2020 Paralympics briefing: heat havoc, brilliant Brazil and Cox gold

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Oggi in poche parole: it was a brilliant day for Brazil with nine medals including five golds, the heat played havoc with the wheelchair tennis, Britain’s Kadeena Cox retained her title, and there were world and Paraly...

Brazil: evangelical superstar expelled from congress over alleged role in husband’s murder

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Brazilian lawmakers have voted to expel the gospel star turned congresswoman Flordelis over her alleged involvement in the murder of the husband with whom she had raised more than 50 bambini. In the latest dramatic c...

Spain to face Brazil in men’s Olympic football final after Asensio sinks Japan

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Spain will take on Brazil for Olympic gold in the men’s football final on Saturday, after Marco Asensio’s extra-time winner ended the hopes of the hosts, Giappone. After a cagey first half in Saitama, Spain were awarded ...

Lula 2022? Brazil poised for sensational political comeback

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Anazir Maria de Oliveira has a simple message for the man they call Lula. “Comrade, I want you back,” said the 88-year-old union veteran and black activist as she celebrated the return of her “guru” to Brazil’s politi...

Top rightwing Brazil newspaper demands removal of Bolsonaro

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One of Brazil’s leading conservative newspapers has demanded the removal of the country’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, as public outrage over his coronavirus response and corruption dragged the rightwing populist’s rati...

Crackdown on ‘vaccine sommeliers’ as Covid pandemic grips Brazil

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Cities across Brazil are clamping down on “vaccine sommeliers” who seek to cherrypick their Covid shots despite the devastating epidemic still gripping Latin America’s largest nation. More than half a million Brazilia...

Lucas Paquetá’s goal sends hosts Brazil past Peru into Copa América final

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Brazil beat Peru 1-0 in a Copa América semi-final on Monday and will attempt to successfully defend their title on Saturday at the Maracana Stadium. Argentina and Colombia will play for the other place in the decider ...

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