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Back 4 Blood review – a zombie-shooter tribute act with brains of its own

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I’m not sure what I expected from Turtle Rock’s spiritual successor to zombie shooter Left 4 Dead, but I know that card-collecting wasn’t on the list. Valve’s 2008 cooperative classic was beautiful in its simplicity, ...

Rugby players’ brains affected in single season, estudio sugiere

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A single season of professional rugby could be enough to cause a decline in a player’s blood flow to the brain and cognitive function, según un estudio. The research, reported by the BBC, also suggests that repeti...

So happy to see you: our brains respond emotionally to faces we find in inanimate objects, estudio revela

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Whether in a cloud, the front of a car, or a $28,000 toasted sandwich supposedly resembling the Virgin Mary, seeing faces in inanimate objects is a common experience. According to new research by the University of Syd...

Cornwall officials urge tourists to ‘engage brains’ after car swept into sea

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Bemused residents and tourism officials in Cornwall have urged visitors to “engage their brains” after a family car got washed into the sea near St Agnes. In the second such incident at Trevaunance Cove in the past ei...