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Bradford council to trace fly-tipped cannabis farms with ‘smart water’

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Landlords who illegally dump the remains of cannabis farms will be traced using “smart water” spray in what is thought to be one of the first trials of its kind in the UK. Council officials in Bradford said they were ...

‘Always neglected’: Bradford braced for bad news in rail plan

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“We’re out of it … again,” said retired yoga teacher Jane Ayers, as she walked out of the railway station concourse on an unseasonably mild Wednesday morning. “As per usual. Bradford is always neglected.” Ayers, 82, w ...

Nineteen men in Bradford arrested in child sexual exploitation case

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Nineteen men have been arrested in an investigation into the child sexual exploitation of a woman in Bradford, dating back 20 anni. Gli uomini, aged between 36 e 55, were held on suspicion of offences dating between 2...

Bradford agencies still missing ‘clear signs’ of child sexual abuse

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Vulnerable children remain at risk of being failed by child protection agencies in Bradford despite multiple reviews of sexual exploitation cases, an independent report has found. An analysis of cases stretching back ...

Ali & Ava review – Barnard’s Bradford romance is an understated triumph

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There’s a tremendous human warmth to this love story from writer-director Clio Barnard, a social-realist tale that you might compare to Ken Loach’s Ae Fond Kiss (though Loach might not have made the landlord the good ...

Films reveal Bradford school’s efforts to help Roma pupils during pandemic

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“They’re wary of trusting schools,” says Matthew Langley, principal of Bowling Park primary school in Bradford, of the local Roma community. “They’re wary of trusting social workers or hospitals. And my sense is they’...

Plans for expansion of Leeds Bradford airport ‘put on hold’

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The expansion of Leeds Bradford airport appears to have been put on hold after the government paused plans to increase passenger numbers from 4 million to 7 million a year by 2030. The plans were given conditional app...

International climate scientists join call to halt Leeds Bradford airport expansion

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Leading international climate scientists are among more than 200 academics who have written to the government calling on it to halt what they say would be an ecologically destructive expansion of Leeds Bradford airpor...