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Aggiornamento in tempo reale sull'Australia Covid: Queensland braces for more cases on first full day of lockdown; Sydney authorities in compliance crackdown

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Queensland authorities expect case numbers and exposure sites to grow today as three million across the state begin their first full day in lockdown. Follow all the day’s news

Australia news live: Sydney braces for more Covid cases amid new mask rules for schools

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Follow the latest updates, vivere

Rome braces itself for English fans’ invasion before Ukraine match

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Rome has increased security at airports, tourist hotspots, bars and the Olympic Stadium as the Italian capital braces itself for the possible arrival of hundreds of English fans before England’s Euro 2020 quarter-fina...

‘Heat dome’ in Pacific north-west breaks records as Portland braces for 115F

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Seattle, Portland and other cities in the Pacific north-west broke all-time heat records over the weekend, with temperatures soaring well above 100F (37.8C). But forecasters said Monday could be even worse, with the m...

Lake District braces for the return of overnight visitors

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The lockdowns of the last year are estimated to have lost Cumbria £2bn in tourism revenue. But while the Lake District welcomes the return of overnight visitors from Monday for what it expects to be its “busiest summe...