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‘Always neglected’: Bradford braced for bad news in rail plan

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“We’re out of it … again,” said retired yoga teacher Jane Ayers, as she walked out of the railway station concourse on an unseasonably mild Wednesday morning. “As per usual. Bradford is always neglected.” Ayers, 82, w ...

Southern Italy braced for rare Mediterranean hurricane

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Southern Italy was braced on Wednesday for the arrival of what forecasters have described as a Medicane – a rare Mediterranean hurricane bringing winds of more than 100kmh and producing 5-metre waves. Fierce storms ha...

‘Ticking timebomb’: Oldham braced for more protests amid sorry decline

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This week an artist shared a painting of Boundary Park in happier times, packed with fans waving flags. In reality, the picture at Oldham Athletic is not rosy or harmonious and apathy reigns in advance of another plan...

BBC braced for more budget cuts as new licence fee deal nears

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The BBC is braced for further budget cuts, with the government’s latest five-year licence fee deal all but agreed amid speculation it could be announced as early as next week. The BBC director general, Tim Davie, told...

US south braced for more severe weather after tornadoes and hailstorms

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The American south is still reeling from a day of severe weather throughout the region and bracing for more through Wednesday. Following reports of tornadoes, hail and severe storms, più di 90,000 people in states ...

Chicago braced for more protests after video of Adam Toledo shooting

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Chicago was bracing for fresh protests on Friday following the release of a police body-cam video showing an officer’s deadly shooting of a 13-year-old boy with his hands in the air. A protest rally was planned for Fr...

Cavalli parlanti: Bookies braced for big gamble on five horses from same yard

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We have a potentially interesting but also rather odd gamble to start the week, thanks to five horses from David Jeffreys’ yard near Stow-on-the-Wold which were backed in multiple bets when early prices went up on Sun...