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‘We’re not a racist family,’ says Prince William. But it’s not that simple

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Since Meghan and Harry’s interview last Sunday, questions have been raised about the royal family. More specifically, is the family racist? Many viewers were shocked when the Duchess of Sussex told Oprah Winfrey that ...

Prosecutors refuse to drop case against tax office whistleblower Richard Boyle

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Commonwealth prosecutors have refused to drop their pursuit of tax office whistleblower Richard Boyle, prompting a withering response from human rights lawyers, who say the case is “profoundly wrong and unjust”. For t...

Michaelia Cash ‘to consider’ concerns over prosecution of ATO whistleblower Richard Boyle

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The attorney general, Michaelia Cash, says she will consider serious concerns raised about the prosecution of tax office whistleblower Richard Boyle, including that the case harms the public interest by scaring other ...

Sex Pistols in legal battle over music licensing for new Danny Boyle series

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The Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook are suing frontman John Lydon over the use of their songs in Pistol, Danny Boyle’s forthcoming TV series about the band. Lydon has said he will not approve t...

John Lydon: court decision on Danny Boyle film ‘so destructive’ for Sex Pistols

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In a new written statement, John Lydon has responded with worry and dismay after losing a court case over the use of music by the Sex Pistols in an upcoming TV series, directed by Danny Boyle. Lydon, known as Johnny R...

I’m a fourth-generation black British man. Yet still I’m made to feel I don’t belong

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Nel mese di settembre 2017, I had just landed at Manchester airport after a visit to New York. At passport control I was asked where was I born? I replied, Liverpool, and joked “doesn’t my accent give me away”, to which the of...