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May I have a word about… why I’m sick as a parrot of journalistic cliches

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There are certain phrases that become so beloved of journalists that they are trotted out with wearying regularity. Take the following headlines from last week. “Twickenham culture clash could be one for the ages” and...

May I have a word about… English football’s 55 years of hurt

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Now that the footballing side of things is out of the way at Euro 2020, a small inquiry: when exactly did England become such an anguished nation? If I saw one headline with the word “redemption” in it, I saw a dozen....

May I have a word about nailing things on and simplifying cricket

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I’m pleased that it’s not just me who gets annoyed by the ease with which ghastly words and phrases enter the language and then become commonplace. Paul Bisson, from Shrewsbury, got in touch recently, steam justifiabl...

May I have a word about… alpaca owners and other communities

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Algunas veces, I feel as if I’m a voice crying in the wilderness. It was only last month that I railed against the use of “community” and yet what did I find last week but another egregious example. “Defra needs to convin...

May I have a word about… why Covid sounds so much better in German

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One nation excels above all others in virus vocabularyThe Germans might be rather slow on administering Covid vaccines to their citizens, but they’re certainly not hanging about when it comes to coining words to descr...

May I have a word about… why Roman numerals are as elegantly easy as I, II, III

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Funny lot, the French. Even as Emmanuel Macron and his European colleagues perform ever more absurd contortions over the AstraZeneca vaccination – it doesn’t work… just look at all the blood clots across the continent...

May I have a word about… the abominable lexicon of lockdown

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I’d like to start this week by offering a big vote of thanks to Daily Mail columnist Sarah Vine. Oh please, don’t be like that. Come back and let me explain why. In a recent column, ella escribió: “Lockdown has generated ...

May I have a word about… the language of cricket

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What for you has been the most noteworthy event of the week? The Greensill lobbying rumpus? The eulogies to Prince Philip? Russian sabre-rattling in Ukraine? For some of us, these pale into insignificance alongside th...