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Dita Von Teese: ‘Even when I was a bondage model, I had big-time boundaries’

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Dita Von Teese is looking divine. Her lips are that signature red, she’s wearing 1950s cat eye glasses, and her black hair falls in a thick wave across a Snow White skin – and all this on the unglamorous stage of a gl...

The power of no: how to build strong, healthy boundaries

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Geen. A tiny, yet mighty word. To hear it can make us feel childlike; sheepish or in trouble. How does it make you feel to say “no”? Strong? Nervous? Guilty? Do you say it often enough? In Julie, when the gymnast Simone ...

Victim at 60: the heartbreaking gay drama that pushed boundaries

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Twenty seven minutes into Victim, after some circuitous beating around the bush, the word is dropped into the dialogue – an unprecedented bombshell on screen at the time, and if it no longer shocks today, you can stil...

The Life of Music review – pushing at the boundaries of the classical canon

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Questions thunder down on anyone who writes about music. How to describe abstract sounds in words is the first hurdle. Once every synonym for loud, soft, fast, slow has been exhausted, where next? While the story of a...