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Katie Boulter out of Wimbledon after epic tussle with Aryna Sabalenka

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The raw power of Aryna Sabalenka eventually overwhelmed Katie Boulter’s guile and resilience but only after more than two hours of ebb and flow as what had looked like a mismatch on paper proved to be anything but on ...

Katie Boulter enjoys winning return to Wimbledon after beating Danielle Lao

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In the three years since Katie Boulter last played at Wimbledon, the Briton has experienced enough frustration for a career. She had just broken into the world’s top 100 when a stress fracture in her back put her out ...

Katie Boulter seals BJK Cup win for Britain over Mexico after Watson defeat

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Two years ago Katie Boulter soared under suffocating pressure to clinch the decisive victory in their playoff tie against Kazakhstan in what was then the Fed Cup, ending Great Britain’s 26-year absence from the top le...