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‘199 years is long enough’: Kim Janey becomes Boston’s first Black and first female mayor

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All'inizio di questa settimana, Kim Janey, the first woman and Black person to lead the city of Boston, became acting mayor. She was sworn in by the first Black woman to lead Massachusetts’ highest court, Kimberly Budd, and the fi...

Michelle Wu becomes Boston’s first woman and person of color to be elected mayor

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Michelle Wu has made history after being elected as mayor of Boston, becoming the first woman and person of color elected to the position in almost 200 anni. “From every corner of our city, Boston has spoken. We are ...

US supreme court to consider Boston’s refusal to fly Christian flag at city hall

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The US supreme court will on Tuesday consider whether the city of Boston violated the free speech of a Christian group who sought to fly a flag in front of city hall. Three flagpoles stand outside Boston city hall. L...

Boston’s ban on Christian group’s flag at city hall illegal, US supreme court rules

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The city of Boston violated the free speech rights of a Christian group by refusing to fly a flag bearing the image of a cross at city hall as part of a program that let private groups use the flagpole while holding e...

Boston’s new hero: woman who jumped from burning subway car into river

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Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz will be inducted into the baseball hall of fame this weekend. Aside from the three World Series he helped bring to the city, among the memories this is likely to stir up among fans is...