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My number one fear in life? Being boring

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I have a visceral fear of boredom, not on my own account but on everyone else’s. I never get bored myself. This isn’t because I’m always super busy doing lots of interesting things. I’m not. It’s just that I can alway...

‘We have a hostility to being boring’: Sparks, still flying in their 70s

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In 1974, John Lennon was startled as he was watching Top of the Pops. He rang Ringo Starr. “You won’t believe what’s on television,” he reportedly said. “Marc Bolan is playing a song with Adolf Hitler.” This was Spark...

It’s never boring at the barber’s when aliens and cryptocurrency are involved

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I used to go to a barber who believed he had once been abducted by aliens. Regular in-the-mirror conversation starters – “been away this year?”, “did you see the match last night?” – would generally return to that for...

The 20-page rule: how much time should you give a devastatingly boring book?

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Naam: the 20-page rule. Ouderdom: this one’s actually more about page than age. OK then, page: page 20, obvs. Of a book? Of a book. Any book? Pretty much. And what happens on page 20 of any book? Wel, that depends on the...

Terrawatch: Earth’s ‘boring’ plate tectonics period

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Today our planet is a lively place: the climate swings from greenhouse to icehouse and back again, while earthquakes, volcanoes, mountain ranges and ocean trenches are all signs of its restless surface. But if you go ...