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Britain to delay some post-Brexit border controls due to Covid crisis

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Brexit controls on food and animal products that were due to come into effect in January are being postponed until July 2022 because of the potential impact on businesses, the British government has announced. It is a...

Delaying Brexit border checks on food won’t prevent shortages, UK firms warn

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British business leaders have urged the government not to delay the next phase of Brexit border checks on imports from the EU on food products, amid mounting pressure on supermarket supplies in the run-up to Christmas...

Wildfire review – savagely powerful Irish border drama

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This story of two sisters, torn apart by family tragedy but drawn together by a bond deeper than anything the local gossips can understand, is also a tale of blurred boundaries. The line between Lauren (Nora-Jane Noon...

Couple divided by Irish border because of post-Brexit rules

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A South African doctor and her British husband are living on either side of the Irish border because of what one MP called a “borderline unconstitutional” application of post-Brexit immigration rules. Corrinne and Bre...

Palestinian boy shot by Israeli soldiers during clashes on Gaza border dies

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A 12-year-old Palestinian boy shot last week by Israeli soldiers during clashes along the border with Gaza has died of his injuries, the territory’s health ministry said on Saturday. Omar Hassan Abu al-Nile was hit la...

Fleeing Afghans should try to get to border, says UK defence secretary

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Afghans who want to flee to Britain may be better off “trying to get to the border” than awaiting RAF evacuation, the defence secretary has said as British troops made last-ditch attempts to airlift at least 1,500 rem...

Greece extends border wall to deter Afghans trying to reach Europe

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Greece said it has completed a 25-mile (40km) wall on its border with Turkey and installed a surveillance system to prevent possible asylum seekers from trying to reach Europe after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanist...

‘Light at the end of the tunnel’: New Zealand welcomes border reopening plans

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New Zealand’s much-awaited, albeit cautious, roadmap for reopening its borders has given businesses and families a taste of hope for the future, though health experts warn that it is dependent on improving the country...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: England ends ‘pingdemic’ for vaccinated; New Zealand details plans to reopen border

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End of isolation for England’s fully-jabbed Covid contacts from Monday; New Zealand to let in vaccinated travellers from low-risk countries next year

Latvia and Lithuania act to counter migrants crossing Belarus border

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Latvia has declared a state of emergency and Lithuania is mulling a razor-wire fence to stop record numbers of migrants crossing their borders with Belarus, amid claims Minsk is using the arrivals as leverage on EU st...

Google co-founder Larry Page granted entry to New Zealand despite border closure, report says

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The billionaire co-founder of Google Larry Page was reportedly granted entry into New Zealand, despite the border being closed to non-residents. Stuff reported that Page, who is the sixth-richest person in the world, ...

Mexico sues US gunmakers in unprecedented bid to stop weapons crossing border

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The Mexican government has launched legal action against US gunmakers in an unprecedented attempt to halt the flow of guns across the border, where US-made weapons are routinely used in cartel gun-battles, terror atta...

Reino Unido pagará 55 millones de libras esterlinas a las patrullas fronterizas francesas en la represión migratoria

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El contribuyente del Reino Unido entregará 62,7 millones de euros más (£ 55 millones) a Francia para financiar otra represión contra los cruces de botes pequeños a través del Canal de la Mancha, el Ministerio del Interior ha revelado. El secretario de interior, Priti Patel, acordó pagar el ...

A los funcionarios fronterizos se les dijo que no hicieran controles de Covid sobre las llegadas a las listas verde y ámbar

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Los funcionarios fronterizos ya no están obligados a realizar controles básicos de Covid a las llegadas a Inglaterra desde países de la lista verde y ámbar., de acuerdo con las instrucciones filtradas que provocaron afirmaciones de que el gobierno está haciendo la vista gorda ....

The Forever Purge review – butchery on the US-Mexico border

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Mexican ranch hand Juan (Tenoch Huerta) y su esposa, Adela (Ana de la Reguera), have recently crossed the border and are working in Texas when they are forced to weather Purge Night, an annual holiday when all crime ...

EU border agency ‘has failed to protect asylum seekers’ rights’

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The EU border agency has failed to protect the human rights of asylum seekers, according to a damning European parliament report on the organisation. After a four-month investigation by MEPs the report’s author, Tinek...

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