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Boohoo profits down a fifth as shipping costs and warehouse wages rise

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Boohoo has warned of slowing sales growth and a squeeze on profit margins as disruption to deliveries and more competition from the high street combines with higher shipping costs and wage rises at its warehouses. Sha...

Boohoo shareholders advised to block reappointment of co-founder

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An influential shareholder advisory group has recommended blocking the reappointment of Boohoo’s co-founder Carol Kane amid concerns about high pay and management’s failures to tackle poor conditions at the factories ...

Boohoo links £150m bonus scheme to changes in factory conditions

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Boohoo has bowed to pressure from shareholders and linked a £150m bonus scheme for its top managers to improvements in conditions at the factories it uses. The company said that the board would have the power to reduc...

Boohoo profits soar as Covid turns customer focus to loungewear

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Sales and profits soared at the online fashion retailer Boohoo during the coronavirus pandemic as it benefited from the boom in online shopping and being able to trade throughout successive lockdowns, unlike its high ...

Boohoo severs ties with hundreds of UK manufacturers after critical review

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Boohoo has published a full list of the UK clothing manufacturers it works with after severing ties with hundreds of companies following a damning review last year of its supply chain. The group now works with 78 Verenigde Koninkryk ...

US should consider ban on Boohoo clothing, sê liefdadigheid

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A charity has urged US authorities to consider a ban on Boohoo’s clothing over poor conditions in the online fashion seller’s UK supply chain. Liberty Shared, which campaigns against modern slavery, said it had sent a...