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Boeing admits full responsibility for 737 Max plane crash in Ethiopia

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Boeing has admitted full responsibility for the second crash of its 737 Max model in Ethiopia, in a legal agreement with families of the 157 víctimas. Lawyers for the families said it was a “significant milestone” for ...

Boeing pilot indicted for allegedly deceiving US regulators over 737 Max

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A Boeing pilot involved in testing the 737 Max jetliner was indicted on Thursday by a federal grand jury on charges of deceiving safety regulators who were evaluating the plane, which was later involved in two deadly ...

Boeing directors to face investor lawsuit over 737 Max fatal crashes

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Boeing’s board of directors must face a lawsuit from the planemaker’s shareholders over two fatal crashes of its 737 Max aircraft, which killed 346 people in less than six months, a US judge has ruled. Delaware judge ...

Boeing 737 cargo pilots rescued after emergency landing in Pacific Ocean

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The pilots of a cargo plane made a desperate and daring nighttime emergency landing on water early Friday and miraculously survived. They were plucked from the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii by first responders...

Boeing board under pressure as families of 737 Max crash victims push reform at the top

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Two more top-level directors could be ousted from Boeing’s board of directors next week as family members of the victims of two fatal crashes of its 737 Max jets join shareholders to push for further high-level reform...