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Dave Eggers offers to replace books a South Dakota school board wants to pulp

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Dave Eggers, author of dystopian satire The Circle, has said he will provide free copies of his novel to schools in South Dakota, as well as copies of four other books that have been banned in the district’s schools. ...

Bar Standards Board clears barrister over Hillsborough remarks

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A senior barrister who repeated discredited police allegations about the behaviour of Liverpool supporters at the Hillsborough disaster has been cleared of misconduct by his profession’s Bar Standards Board (BSB). Jon...

British Airways says sorry for refusing to let Ukrainian family board flight

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British Airways has apologised after it refused to allow a Ukrainian family, including an eight-year-old girl, to board a flight to the UK despite them having all the correct travel documents. The family-of-three had ...

Musk unlikely to fade into background by not joining Twitter board

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Twitter’s chief executive knows this will not be the end of it. Announcing that Elon Musk will not join the company’s board, Parag Agrawal wrote: “There will be distractions ahead.” Interference is hard to avoid when ...

Elon Musk will not join Twitter board after all, company’s chief says

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Elon Musk has performed a U-turn on joining Twitter’s board a week after it emerged he had taken a surprise 9.2% stake in the social media company. The world’s richest man was due to become a board member on Saturday ...

Elon Musk unveils vision for Twitter after joining board

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Elon Musk has set out his vision for Twitter after buying a 9.2% stake in the company, in a series of posts on the social network described by one commentator as having “chaos energy”. Since being appointed to the Twi...

Elon Musk to join Twitter board after taking $2.9bn stake

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Twitter has announced it is appointing Elon Musk to its board the day after the world’s richest person was revealed to be the social media platform’s biggest shareholder with a 9.2% stake. Parag Agrawal, the Twitter c...

Watter samesweringsteorie het gesentreer op die komeet Ping Pong r..

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Watter samesweringsteorie het gesentreer op die komeet Ping Pong r.., Watter samesweringsteorie het gesentreer op die komeet Ping Pong r.., Watter samesweringsteorie het gesentreer op die komeet Ping Pong r...

China Eastern plane crash: both black boxes found, all 132 on board dead

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Both flight recorders or “black boxes” have been recovered from the crash of a China Eastern Boeing 737-800 that killed all 132 people on board, Chinese state media has said. Searchers found the second box, the flight...

Morrison government committed $5.9bn for dams without advice from water infrastructure board

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The Morrison government has allocated $5.9bn to build two separate north Queensland dams without seeking any input from an advisory board it established less than two years ago to scrutinise major water projects. Comm... domain name up for sale after collapse of tourist board

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Know your rhubarb triangle from your Rudston Monolith? Enjoy giving detailed explanations about the difference between a riding and a county? Have strong opinions on levelling up? You could be in with the chance of se...

Somerset House donor married to oligarch quits board

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The wife of a Russian businessman who at one stage pleaded guilty to defrauding the Kazakh government out of $4m (£3m) has stepped down as a patron of the Tate and from a prestigious advisory board at Somerset House, ...

Almost all UK’s top firms have at least one minority ethnic board member

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Most of Britain’s top companies now have at least one minority ethnic board member, the government-backed Parker review, set up to improve the diversity of UK boards, said on Wednesday. Improving boardroom diversity h...

Ammunition company owner’s run for state education board sparks outcry

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The owner of a US company that has sold ammunition online to numerous mass shooters has prompted outcry as he pursues a permanent position on Tennessee’s education board. Jordan Mollenhour, who was backed by the state...

Does Labour need Tony Blair back on board? Thanks, Tony – but no thanks

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After all the abstract chat and whispers from the sidelines, a tangible proposal: Tony Blair wants to return to advise the next Labour government. As the notion gains currency, much of the country cheers; the rest of ...

Evraz board resigns after sanctions imposed on Roman Abramovich

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The 10-strong board of directors of Evraz, the steel and mining group in which Roman Abramovich controls a 29% stake, have resigned after sanctions were imposed on the Russian oligarch and shares in the company were s...

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