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Removing benches, blocking cycle paths: why are police interfering in the UK’s public spaces?

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El mes pasado, police officers descended on public green spaces in Stanhope, a 1960s residential estate in Ashford, Kent, to fight crime. Rather than arresting any suspected criminals, officers took away five benches and...

Buses rescue 2,000 Mariupol refugees but Russia blocking aid, dice Ucrania

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Un grupo de 2,000 people have made it to safety from the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol, as the success of the wider rescue operation for more than 100,000 trapped civilians still hangs in the balance. The 42-stro...

instándolo a reconsiderar un controvertido y “sin precedentes” pacto de seguridad con China

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instándolo a reconsiderar un controvertido y “sin precedentes” pacto de seguridad con China 23 Mayo, instándolo a reconsiderar un controvertido y “sin precedentes” pacto de seguridad con China. instándolo a reconsiderar un controvertido y “sin precedentes” pacto de seguridad con China, instándolo a reconsiderar un controvertido y “sin precedentes” pacto de seguridad con China.

el racista 1890 ley que sigue impidiendo que miles de estadounidenses negros voten

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Los funcionarios de Mississippi se reunieron en pleno verano con un único objetivo en mente: impedir que los negros voten. “Vinimos aquí para excluir a los negros,” dijo el presidente de la convención. “Nada menos que esto será un....

UK officials still blocking Peter Wright’s ‘embarrassing’ Spycatcher files

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The Cabinet Office has been accused of “delay and deception” over its blocking of the release of files dating back more than three decades that reveal the inside story of the intelligence agent Peter Wright and the Sp...

Beijing Winter Olympics committee denies blocking foreign media

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Beijing’s Winter Olympics organising committee has rejected accusations that journalists have been blocked in their attempts to cover preparations for the Games. Earlier this month the Foreign Correspondents Club of C...

Democrats blocking Biden’s agenda represent some of nation’s poorest

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Several of the leading Democrats in Congress who have stood in the way of Joe Biden’s $3.5tn budget package, which includes popular provisions widely expected to help working-class Americans, have taken that stance de...

Drivers clash with Insulate Britain activists blocking three London roads

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Insulate Britain activists have staged three morning roadblocks in central London, leading to dozens of arrests and confrontations with drivers stuck in heavy traffic at the height of rush-hour. The climate activist g...

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema: the centrists blocking Biden’s agenda

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Donald Trump’s favorite insult for political opponents inside his own party is “Rino” – Republican in name only. By such logic, Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona are the epitome of Di...

Adivina qué tienen en común los tres demócratas que bloquean los precios más bajos de los medicamentos?

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Los tres legisladores conservadores demócratas que amenazan con acabar con la legislación de precios de los medicamentos de su partido han recaudado aproximadamente 1,6 millones de dólares en efectivo de campaña de donantes de las industrias farmacéutica y de productos sanitarios.. Uno...

Treasury blocking green policies key to UK net zero target

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The Treasury is blocking green policies essential to put the UK on track to net zero emissions, imperilling the UK’s own targets and the success of vital UN climate talks, experts have told the Guardian. A string of p...

The Democrat blocking progressive change is beholden to big oil. Surprised?

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As “thousand-year” heat waves caused by the climate crisis rock the west coast and biblical floods engulf major cities, Senate Democrats are negotiating a $3.5tn budget package that could include an attempt to slow th...

Colbert on Republicans blocking voting rights bill: ‘A lot of stupid explanations’

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Stephen Colbert discussed the failure of the Biden administration landmark voting rights bill to pass a procedural vote on Tuesday, as the For the People Act was left stranded in a 50-50 stalemate along party lines. “...

Republicans’ blocking of the Capitol commission shows how deep the rot is

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The question now is not so much whether the Republican party can be saved any time in the foreseeable future. It is what Joe Biden and the Democrats should do when faced with a party determined to subvert democracy th...

Correo matutino: EU denies blocking vaccine, bank culture getting worse, NZ travel tips

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Buenos dias. What has happened to 3.1m AstraZeneca vaccine doses that were meant to be administered to Australians by now? That’s one of several big unanswered questions about Australia’s slower-than-expected vaccine...

Canal de Suez: Ever Given ship partially ‘refloatedafter almost a week blocking major waterway

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The Ever Given has reportedly been partially freed from the banks of the Suez canal, raising hopes the vital waterway could reopen and ease global shipping backlogs. Temprano el lunes por la mañana, reports emerged that the m...

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