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Police Scotland apologises to women in Glasgow after streets blocked off

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Police Scotland has apologised to women in Glasgow who had to walk home in darkness on Monday night after well-lit streets were blocked off due to Cop26 climate summit security concerns. Residents near the Cop venue s...

BBC boss offers to meet black executive after claims he was blocked from job

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The BBC director general, Tim Davie, has offered to meet a prominent black media executive who, it is claimed, was blocked from a senior job at the broadcaster after making public interventions on race. Marcus Ryder s...

Donald Trump’s own treasury secretary blocked Ivanka World Bank role – report

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Only direct intervention from his own treasury secretary stopped Donald Trump nominating his daughter, Ivanka Trump, to lead the World Bank, secondo un nuovo rapporto. Citing two anonymous sources, the Intercept said...

La legge restrittiva sull'aborto del Texas è stata temporaneamente ripristinata un giorno dopo essere stata bloccata

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Venerdì sera una corte d'appello federale ha permesso al Texas di riprendere temporaneamente a vietare la maggior parte degli aborti, solo un giorno dopo che le cliniche in tutto lo stato hanno iniziato a correre di nuovo per servire i pazienti per la prima volta dall'inizio di settembre..

Biden under pressure as NGO says flights from Afghanistan blocked

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Joe Biden’s administration is facing mounting pressure amid reports that several hundred people, including Americans, had been prevented for a week from flying out of an airport in northern Afghanistan. Marina LeGree,...

Nave che ha bloccato le banchine del canale di Suez nel Regno Unito – con quattro mesi di ritardo

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La nave portacontainer che ha causato disagi globali dopo aver bloccato il canale di Suez all'inizio di quest'anno è finalmente attraccata nel Regno Unito, quattro mesi dopo il previsto. L'Ever Given è finalmente arrivato al porto di Felixstowe ...

Queensland police blocked research into domestic violence cases and attitudes of officers

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The Queensland police service blocked academic research seeking to scrutinise its response to domestic violence cases and the attitudes of officers – sending rejection letters that denied there was a need for studies....

Facebook blocked hashtag calling for Narendra Modi to resign over pandemic

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A hashtag calling for the resignation of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, was briefly blocked on Facebook on Wednesday, hiding more than 12,000 posts critical of the Indian government as the coronavirus pande...

Grenfell Tower landlord ‘blocked staff access to residents’ blog’

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Grenfell Tower’s landlord blocked staff computers from accessing a residents’ blog which raised concerns about the building’s refurbishment and warned of a potentially disastrous fire, the inquiry into the 14 giugno 201...

Supreme court dismisses case brought by Twitter users Trump blocked

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A lawsuit over whether or not former President Donald Trump could block individuals from seeing content published on his @realDonaldTrump Twitter account has been dismissed by the US supreme court. Heeding the rulings...

Maker of Lil Nas X ‘Satan shoesblocked by Nike insists they are works of art

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The maker of the rapper Lil Nas X’s controversial “Satan shoes” responded to a lawsuit from Nike by claiming the sneakers were works of art. The customised Nike Air Max 97s, which each contain a drop of human blood, ...

Suez canal blocked: attempts continue to free stuck megaship Ever Given – video

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Efforts to free the giant container ship are continuing after the 400m-long vessel became stuck in the Suez canal. Local authorities attempted to dislodge the 220,000 ton vessel from the banks of the canal using tug b...

Boulder shootings: suspect allegedly bought assault rifle after ban on sale was blocked

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The suspect accused of opening fire inside a crowded Colorado supermarket was a 21-year-old man who allegedly purchased an assault weapon less than a week earlier, è emerso. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa bought the weap...

Suez Canal blocked by huge container ship

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A giant container ship has run aground in the Suez canal, causing a traffic jam of vessels at either end of the vital international trade artery. The 220,000-tonne, 400m-long Evergreen became stuck in the canal on Tue...

Signal: China appears to have blocked encrypted messaging app

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The encrypted messaging app Signal appears to have been blocked in mainland China, the latest foreign social media service to cease working in a country where the government tightly controls the flow of information. UN...