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Premier League clubs vote to block Newcastle sponsorship deals at emergency meeting

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The hostility among Premier League clubs to the Newcastle United takeover was underlined on Monday when they voted through legislation designed to prevent the Saudi owners from striking lucrative sponsorship deals. Ne...

Insulate Britain members block M25 and London’s Old Street roundabout

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Members of the environmental protest group Insulate Britain have blocked the M25 motorway and a busy central London roundabout, in the group’s 12th disruptive action in four weeks. According to the climate activist gr...

Brixton’s Barrier Block: ‘When it went up everyone hated it’

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Más que 50 years after it was designed, Southwyck House still looms over Brixton in south London, drawing fascination and dislike in equal measure. Originally council housing, the giant concrete structure with tiny ...

Residents of south London block face £2.6m fire-safety bill

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Enfermeras, teachers and post office workers are among those facing crippling fire-safety bills they believe could reach £85,000 each despite only owning a fraction of their homes. The housing association Optivo this week...

Activists block M25 for seventh time despite threat of fines and prison

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Police have arrested 11 people after activists from Insulate Britain blocked a roundabout at a junction with the M25 by glueing themselves to the road on Wednesday morning. The protest, which started at about 7.30am, ...

Climate activists block M25 for sixth time in fortnight over insulation

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Dozens of activists from Insulate Britain have defied a high court injunction by staging their sixth roadblock on or near the M25 since 13 September and warned of “wave after wave of protests” to come. Some of the 52 ...

El plan republicano para bloquear la medida de la Cámara de Representantes podría desencadenar un incumplimiento sin precedentes de $ 28 billones

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Los principales republicanos en el Senado están preparados para bloquear un paquete de gastos clave promovido por los demócratas en una medida que podría precipitar la doble crisis fiscal de un cierre del gobierno y un incumplimiento sin precedentes de Estados Unidos en su país..

Actualización de noticias en vivo de Covid de Australia: Informes de NSW 1,331 casos y seis muertes; Victoria records 535 cases and one death as police move to block protests; ACT has 15 nuevos casos

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One new case in Queensland as Melbourne CBD turned into no-go zone and police prepare to disrupt protest planned in Sydney

Tulip, Summit, Mound: can urban properties really be ‘experiences’?

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What do a fake hill, a giant light-up ball, gondola rides 300 metres in the air, staircases to nowhere, a park perched over a river and a glass elevator stuck on the side of a skyscraper have in common? They are all p...

Vegan activists block dairy distribution centre in Buckinghamshire

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Vegan environmental activists have blockaded a dairy distribution centre in Buckinghamshire, which they say handles one-tenth of the milk supply in the UK, while a dozen other activists have sought to occupy the headq...

Extinction Rebellion protesters block Tower Bridge in London

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Extinction Rebellion protesters have blocked Tower Bridge in London with a van and caravan, la policía metropolitana dijo. The force said on Twitter: “Officers were on scene almost immediately. We are working with City...

Milan mayor likens tower block fire to Grenfell disaster

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The mayor of Milan has compared a fire that ripped through a 20-storey residential building on Sunday to the Grenfell Tower blaze in London that killed 72 people four years ago. The fire, which started on the upper fl...

Extinction Rebellion protesters block Oxford Circus in London

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Extinction Rebellion protesters have blocked Oxford Circus in London, the site of one of its most famous occupations, as women took the lead on the third day of its latest campaign of UK protest. Just before 2pm, prot...

Covid Australia live news update: Victoria informa 61 new cases and considers statewide lockdown as NSW police move to block protests

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Más que 1,500 police to be stationed around Sydney CBD as Shepparton outbreak continues to grow in regional Victoria

TikTok acts on teen safety with ‘bedtime’ block on app alerts

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TikTok will prevent teenagers from receiving notifications past their bedtime, la empresa dijo, announcing a range of child safety improvements that will arrive just before the UK introduces its age appropriate desig...

South-west Sydney apartment block reportedly locked down; debate over vaccine incentives – live

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A vaccination target of 80% has been set for harsh restrictions to be eased but scientists and political leaders are at odds over how to achieve it. Siga las últimas actualizaciones

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