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‘Off the scale’: film studios launch post-Covid marketing blitz

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Hollywood studios are planning a £250m-plus UK marketing blitz to promote the return of blockbusters to the big screen over the next 18 maande, as the much-delayed premiere of James Bond: No Time to Die gives the indu...

Australia politics live news: new Covid restrictions in place in NSW, Victoria begins vaccination blitz

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A curfew now applies in 12 hotspot local government areas and outdoor masks are mandatory across Sydney as parliament returns in locked down ACT. Follow updates live

NSW police fine 600 people on first day of Covid crackdown blitz

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New South Wales police issued nearly 600 infringement notices to people flouting tough new health orders on the first day of a three-week crackdown designed to get the state’s escalating Covid crisis under control. Th ...

The Guardian view on a crime blitz: Boris Johnson won’t make you feel safer

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Boris Johnson was a journalist who wanted to be prime minister. Now in Downing Street, he appears happiest when supplying headlines for the rightwing press. Op Sondag, his plan to “blitz crime” was on the front page o...

Oggendpos: aged care vaccination blitz urged, PM’s approval drops, Ash Barty at Wimbledon

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Goeie more. Leaders will gather today for the first “war game” meeting of Operation Covid Shield, the federal government’s revamped vaccine rollout strategy. And Australian tennis champion Ash Barty is dominating Wi...

Anti-vax group mounts legal blitz to sow disinformation against vaccinations

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Just as the Covid-19 vaccine rollout began in earnest in the United States, the Informed Consent Action Network (Ican) sent its subscribers a “legal update” on its war against employers and schools planning to require...

Skaak: Carlsen in danger until blitz skills see him into Crypto Cup semi-finals

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Magnus Carlsen has lived on the brink for much of the last week, as Norway’s world champion struggled in the qualification stage of the FTX Crypto Cup, part of the Meltwater Champions Tour. Carlsen was again in danger...

Barcelona stun Chelsea with early blitz to win Women’s Champions League final

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Barcelona have won the Women’s Champions League after subjecting Chelsea to a brutal blitz of four first-half goals from which Emma Hayes’ side could never recover. The English champions entered the biggest game in th...

The big picture: Lee Miller’s sphinx-like blitz spirit

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In 1939, the American photographer Lee Miller came to live in London, with the artist Roland Penrose, her lover. She wrote to a friend back home to describe how, with the outbreak of war, she had found a new job. “I’d...