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‘It’s looking bleak’: how HRT shortages have affected women in England

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Shortages of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) products in the UK have forced women to resort to the private sector, ration their doses and procure supplies from abroad. Although the last five years have seen the numb...

Bleak Friday: UK prices are rising from 1 April, from energy bills to TV

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It’s been dubbed “bleak Friday” by some: pre-announced price rises for many household bills are to take effect on 1 April, adding to the misery for consumers who are already paying more for goods and food than this ti...

V&A: Has the IPCC’s bleak warning of climate breakdown been heard?

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Maandag, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that the dangerous impacts of climate breakdown are already being felt and are accelerating rapidly. Has that message been heard? The second of four part...

‘Bleak, marginal and unpopular’: Australia unveils divisive exhibition for Venice Biennale

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Marco Fusinato is counting on his forthcoming show at the Venice Biennale being immediately disliked. Outlining his contribution as Australia’s representative at the world’s oldest art show this week, the 57-year-old ...

‘The twee beach huts stand in contrast to the bleak industrial landscape’: Fred MacGregor’s best phone picture

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With a newborn in a sling and a polystyrene tray of fish and chips in his hands, Fred MacGregor came across this scene at the end of North Yorkshire’s Saltburn Pier. The photographer was on holiday with his wife and c...

New Animal by Ella Baxter review – bleak comedy of sex and estrangement

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Never mind new animals: Ella Baxter’s debut novel looks at first to be a very familiar creature. Main character Amelia (surname Aurelia, a piece of whimsy explained by her taking her stepdad’s surname) is one of those...

On Helmand’s bleak wards, dying children pay the price as western aid to Afghanistan is switched off

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Shirin has paid heavily for both Afghanistan’s conflict, and its abrupt end in Taliban victory. Three years ago her husband lost his leg when a roadside bomb hit his bus. Then in the summer the militants’ victory brou...

'n Nuwe begin na 60: ‘I was in a bleak hole of grief – then I found love, horse riding and confidence’

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As kind, Khadija Mackenzie saw a horse only if she happened to pass the polo club. “It’s very urbanised in Singapore," sy sê. “We don’t have much wildlife … I think every Singaporean would associate horse-riding...

Franz Kafka drawings reveal ‘sunny’ side to bleak Bohemian novelist

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Stricken with self-doubt, paranoia and existential despair, the writings of Franz Kafka have taken generations of readers on what the author called “the descent into the cold abyss of oneself”. A trove of 150 drawings...

The Survivalist review – John Malkovich drops in on bleak vision of a hellish postviral US

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This postapocalyptic action thriller that posits a United States where nearly everyone has nearly been wiped out by the Delta variant of Covid-19 apparently went into post-production in December 2020. Presumably, they...

The Turning Point review – how Charles Dickens built Bleak House

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The problem with most biographies is that they tend to have only two pace settings. There is the plod of the episodic, one-thing-after-another accounting; parallel to that is the gallop that makes years vanish in page...

Knope: A Forced Marriage Story review - somber oorsig van huweliksdwang in Amerika

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Daar is geen rooskleurige nostalgie aan die troufoto's wat in Knots verskyn nie: 'N Gedwonge huweliksverhaal, 'n 75-minute dokumentêr geskryf en geregisseer deur Kate Ryan Brewer wat aandag gee aan die ontstellende min hindernisse..

‘The sewage works reminded us of Sicily’: bleak local spaces readers learned to love

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What was your lockdown special place? I think most of us had one: somewhere away from home, where we could exhale, enjoy a change of scene and appreciate the peace and beauty of our surroundings. A park perhaps, a riv...

Bleak future for Crawley a year after first Covid lockdown

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The differences with the early stage of the Covid-19 pandemic are stark in Crawley. Plenty of people are milling around Queens Square in the town centre, enjoying the early spring sun, even though most of the shops re...