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Heavy rain to hit NSW ski fields as fog blankets south-east Queensland

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Heavy rain and storms are predicted to hit New South Wales, which could wipe out snow cover in the alpine region and add to the flood risk in the state’s south-east. It comes as heavy fog blanketed south-east Queensla...

Hundreds of Iraqis hospitalised as thick sandstorm blankets country

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Hundreds of Iraqis have been taken to hospitals with breathing problems and Baghdad airport suspended flights for several hours as a thick sandstorm blanketed the country, the fifth to engulf Iraq within a month. Iraq...

Snowstorm blankets eastern Mediterranean closing airports, schools and vaccination centres

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Europe’s busiest airport shut down in Istanbul on Monday while schools and vaccination centres closed in Athens as a rare snowstorm blanketed swathes of the eastern Mediterranean, causing blackouts and traffic havoc. ...

‘High-end Hermès yak wool blankets covered in concrete’ – Alvaro Barrington review

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Hanging high on the walls above our heads, paintings of clouds encircle the South London Gallery. There’s weather coming in, growing more and more troubled as we look. Alvaro Barrington has used concrete to paint the ...