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A Journal for Jordan review – bland military romance scuppers Denzel Washington

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Director Denzel Washington and his stars do their best with this bland, shallow and awkwardly structured film. It’s a romantic drama based on the bestselling 2008 memoir from publisher and former New York Times report...

‘Flying feminist’ Lilian Bland celebrated in new exhibition

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In an era that stifled women, Lilian Bland blazed with a life force that defied all convention, including gravity. She worked as a press photographer, smoked, wore trousers and dungarees, rode a bicycle, taught jiu-ji...

Richard Bland excites Torrey Pines to become oldest 36-hole leader in US Open history

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A 48-year-old journeyman golfer from Southampton ranked 115th who had never won a top-flight tournament until 35 days ago was atop the US Open leaderboard on Friday night at the tournament’s halfway mark. Wêreld, ontmoet ...

Yes Day review – kids run riot in bland Netflix comedy

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Think of a yes day as The Purge for kids. Vir 24 hours every year, (amper) all laws don’t apply. Their parents, who usually and understandably say no to the majority of requests, are forced to say yes to everything a...

Is Piers Morgan Marmite? Susanna Reid can’t decide

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You are not supposed to be able to avoid having an opinion about Piers Morgan, and on the first edition of Good Morning Britain after his exciting departure, the references to Marmite were thick and gloopy. “Unique is...