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Why is New York City’s mayor blaming tenants for the deadliest fire in decades?

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Op Sondag, the deadliest New York City fire in three decades tore through a Bronx apartment building, ten minste doodmaak 17 mense. Among the dead were children as young as four and five. The New York City fire departme...

TfL halts road safety ad after ‘victim blaming’ backlash from cyclists

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Transport for London has halted an ad campaign promoting road safety that featured a driver and cyclist making up after the latter was almost hit, following a backlash accusing the ad of “victim blaming”. The TfL camp...

Polisiekommissaris word daarvan beskuldig dat die slagoffer die skuld gegee het nadat die saak van Everard bedank het

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'N Konserwatiewe polisiekommissaris wat daarvan beskuldig word dat die slagoffer skuldig is aan die moord op Sarah Everard, het bedank nadat hy meegedeel is dat daar 'n' katastrofale gebrek aan vertroue 'in sy posisie is. Philip Allott, wie o ...

888 app plan to protect women ‘sticking plaster that reinforces victim blaming’

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Labour and campaigners have criticised a government-backed proposal for a service to protect women travelling alone as “a sticking plaster solution” that fundamentally misunderstands the problem of violence against wo...

Republican governor says ‘time to start blaming unvaccinated’ for rise in cases

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The Republican governor of Alabama has said it is “time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks” for rising cases of Covid-19, amid concern that months of misinformation over the need and efficacy of vaccines is fueli...

Blaming Covid mistakes on ‘groupthink’ lets the government off the hook

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In the seven hours of evidence he gave at the Houses of Commons, Dominic Cummings mounted a systematic attack on the decisions of the government and its scientific advisory groups during the pandemic. These decisions,...

Shaun Bailey criticised for ‘victim blaming’ girls in comments on domestic violence

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The Conservative mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey has been criticised for past comments suggesting girls should “accept less of men’s rubbish” to avoid domestic violence, which Labour described as victim blaming. In the...

George Christensen to retire at next election blaming ‘broken’ state of Australian politics

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The Nationals MP George Christensen has announced he will not contest the next election, in a shock decision he attributed to the “broken” state of Australian politics and a desire to spend time with family. Christens...