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Revisión de "Sé quién causó el Covid-19": el juego de la culpa global

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No es sorprendente que Covid-19 haya enojado a la gente: sus vidas se han visto perturbadas de formas inimaginables. Las personas han perdido a familiares a causa de la enfermedad., o sufrido durante meses con largo Covid. Con la restricción..

Britons want to blame anyone for chaos in Afghanistan – except ourselves

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Who can we blame? There must be someone. When disaster lies all around, democracy craves a culprit, someone to carry the can. This past weekend has seen an orgy of blaming: of Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, Dominic Raab (B...

Who’s to blame for the Afghanistan chaos? Remember the war’s cheerleaders

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Everyone is to blame for the catastrophe in Afghanistan, except the people who started it. sí, Joe Biden screwed up by rushing out so chaotically. sí, Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab failed to make adequate and timel...

The west’s nation-building fantasy is to blame for the mess in Afghanistan

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Britain’s MPs this week uttered one long howl of anguish over Afghanistan. Their immediate targets were Joe Biden and Boris Johnson, politicians who just happened to be on the watch when Kabul’s pack of cards collapse...

Chicken producers blame Brexit for staff and supply shortages

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The British Poultry Council has said food producers are facing serious staff shortages because of Brexit as this week’s partial closure of the Nando’s chain threw the spotlight on problems made worse by the fallout fr...

Don’t blame Russian trolls for our anti-vaxx problem. Our misinformation is homegrown

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En 18 Mayo 2021, German YouTuber Mirko Drotschmann tweeted an unusual message: a marketing agency was asking him to share allegedly leaked documents on Covid-19 vaccine deaths. Within a week, French YouTuber Léo Grasse...

The Guardian view on the UK economy: stuck in a rut of low growth, and politics is to blame

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One of the big battles likely to be fought at Westminster this autumn will be over interest rates. This may seem an odd subject for a political row. Didn’t Gordon Brown remove interest rates from government control mo...

‘Do you blame us for house prices?’ Gen Zers answer baby boomers’ biggest questions

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When interaction between the generations is interrupted – and there doesn’t even have to be a pandemic; sometimes we just forget to call each other – it is easy for misunderstandings to flourish. Negative perceptions ...

Don’t blame young people for vaccine hesitancy. The vast majority of us want to get jabbed

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“I was thinking this morning that it is a bit like a race,” Sajid Javid said last Wednesday when commenting on Britain’s vaccine rollout. “The older adults have done their bit. Now we need them to help us start winnin...

Who is to blame for the sweltering weather? My kids say it’s boomers – and me

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I thought there was nothing about hot weather I couldn’t handle with a piña colada and a positive attitude, but I had reckoned without peak teenager. It is not technically my fault that the temperature hit 28C, nor th...

Womad cancelled as organisers blame government

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Womad festival has been cancelled for the second year in a row, with the co-founder Peter Gabriel blaming the government’s refusal to provide insurance support for festivals and a lack of clarity on how large-scale ev...

The American economy is perilously fragile. Concentration of wealth is to blame

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Policymakers and the media are paying too much attention to how quickly the US economy will emerge from the pandemic-induced recession, and not nearly enough to the nation’s deeper structural problem – the huge imbala...

Nothing is plain sailing in Abta v ROL Cruises blame game

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In April 2019 we booked a £3,637 cruise to St Petersburg with Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV) through the agent ROL Cruises. It was cancelled due to Covid, and we agreed for ROL to transfer the booking to a compar...

Hoy dia, the self is the battlefield of politics. Blame Michel Foucault

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“We are perhaps living at the end of politics,” Michel Foucault wrote in the late 1970s. With the exhaustion of utopias and radical alternatives to capitalism, what was now at stake, he memorably wrote, was to develop...

Gareth Southgate and England have become victims of the blame game

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“These were the new horror days of a nation that was all played out, a nation of riot and yobbery, a nation with a ridiculous government, an economy in a tailspin – England, whatever the hell happened to England?” The...

Alastair Campbell’s partner Fiona Millar: Coping with his depression taught me: don’t blame yourself

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A través de los años, I have grown used to various different “identities” – aide to Cherie Blair, partner of Alastair Campbell, latterly mother of comedian Grace Campbell. Más recientemente, I have adopted a new persona; the pa...

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