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Blame Covid: why UK inflation is at its highest for 30 jare

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Mobile phones were still a rarity. Shopping online was a thing of the future. The launch of football’s Premier League was looming. This was Britain in March 1992, the last time the annual inflation rate was as high as...

Tories will oust Boris Johnson if he tries to dodge ‘partygate’ blame

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Tory MPs will be ready in sufficient numbers to force Boris Johnson out of Downing Street within weeks if he tries to dodge responsibility for rule-breaking parties at No 10, die Waarnemer is meegedeel. While most Con...

Jonas Eidevall takes blame after WSL leaders Arsenal beaten at Birmingham

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Arsenal’s manager, Jonas Eidevall, conceded that the shock 2-0 defeat of the Women’s Super League leaders at Birmingham City, who began the day rooted to the bottom of the table, was “100% my responsibility”. Libby Sm...

Rodri’s injury-time strike gives City win as 10-man Arsenal blame VAR

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One can only hope the Arteta residence has thick walls. Arsenal’s manager, absent after testing positive for Covid-19, had said he would “need a big room” before watching this fixture from home and it would be a wonde...

Oil companies blame clean energy transition for market volatility

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Leaders of the world’s biggest oil companies have used an industry gathering in Houston to launch an attack on the speed of transition to clean energy, claiming a badly managed process could lead to “insecurity, rampa...

Kanaalverdrinkings: what happened and who is to blame?

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Ten minste 27 people have drowned in the Channel while trying to cross from France to the UK on Wednesday. An emergency search was sparked at about 2pm on Wednesday when a fishing boat sounded the alarm after spotting ...

Another Ligue 1 game is ruined by fan violence while authorities shift blame

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Another weekend, another crowd trouble fiasco in Ligue 1. After an idyllic two weeks with Les Bleus, French football was quickly brought back down to earth on Sunday night as the headline fixture of the weekend was on...

‘I don’t blame customers for getting annoyed’: a coffee house owner on life without EU workers

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Anas Zein Al-Abdeen doesn’t want to close his business for three days a week – but, increasingly, it looks like his only option. He simply can’t get the staff. “It’s horrific," hy sê. “We can’t plan for anything.” T...

Cop26 leaders blame individuals, while supporting a far more destructive system

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The protesters gathered in Glasgow for Cop26 are a diverse group – at the demonstration on Saturday I watched everybody file past – from international socialists to Scottish nationalists, healthcare workers to strikin...

Openbaar gemaak: 60% of Americans say oil firms are to blame for the climate crisis

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A majority of Americans want to see oil and gas companies held to account for lying about the climate crisis and contributing to global heating, according to a new YouGov poll commissioned by the Guardian, Vice News, ...

Don’t blame women for our low birthrate – we need to fix our precarious society

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Dorothy Byrne, the president of Murray Edwards College at the University of Cambridge, has warned students not to leave it too late to have a baby. It is an all-female college, natuurlik, otherwise this would make no ...

Die Guardian -siening op die NHS -waglyste: blameer snitte sowel as Covid

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Die ergste van die NHS se enorme waglyste is dat dit beteken dat miljoene mense nie betyds die nodige sorg kry nie. Prioritiseringstelsels verseker dat die meeste wag op 'n operasie nie gevaarlik is nie..

Vasgevang in 'n blaam-speletjie oor my verlore £3 000-rolstoel

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Ek is 'n sportiewe rolstoelgebruiker en maak staat op 'n aangepaste Segway om die buitelewe te bereik. Dit is vyf maande gelede “verlore tydens vervoer” deur UPS op pad na 'n herstel. Dit is 'n paar duisend pond werd en ek sit vas met ...

'I Know Who Caused Covid-19' review-die wêreldwye skuldspel

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Dit is nie verbasend dat Covid-19 mense kwaad gemaak het nie: hul lewens het op ondenkbare maniere ontwrig. Mense het familielede weens die siekte verloor, of maande lank gely het met 'n lang Covid. Met die beperking ...

Britons want to blame anyone for chaos in Afghanistan – except ourselves

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Who can we blame? There must be someone. When disaster lies all around, democracy craves a culprit, someone to carry the can. This past weekend has seen an orgy of blaming: of Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, Dominic Raab (B...

Who’s to blame for the Afghanistan chaos? Remember the war’s cheerleaders

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Everyone is to blame for the catastrophe in Afghanistan, except the people who started it. Ja, Joe Biden screwed up by rushing out so chaotically. Ja, Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab failed to make adequate and timel...

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