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Blackmail review – play that brought Hitchcock a hit is retooled for today

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An artist is dead in his Chelsea studio, stabbed in the throat, blood everywhere. But this stage is no crime scene: the only red stuff is the strawberry jam that policeman Harold Webber spreads on his bread. That’s be...

MP blackmail claims add to UK’s poor reputation overseas, says top lawyer

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Allegations that MPs have been intimidated by their party whips compound damage done to Britain’s reputation from threats by the government to deliberately break international law, observers have warned. Philippe Sand...

Blackmail allegations need to be investigated, says Kwasi Kwarteng

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Die sakesekretaris, Kwasi Kwarteng, has said allegations of blackmailing by government whips against Tory rebels need to be investigated but are unlikely to be true. Speaking to Sky News, Kwarteng said: “Any form ...