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TV esta noche: regreso agridulce para el drama imán de premios de Issa Rae

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Es un regreso agridulce para la quinta y última entrega de la serie de premios magnéticos de Issa Rae.. Cuando vimos a Issa por última vez, estaba lidiando con el golpe de las dos bombas de Lawrence: se estaba mudando por un nuevo trabajo, un...

Salad Days: the bittersweet musical with an evergreen charm

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My parents took me to Europe for the Brussels World’s Fair in 1958 and on the way home to America we stopped in London. As we were staying in a hotel on the Strand, we kept driving past the Vaudeville theatre, where I...

Baracoa review – a poetic journey through bittersweet childhood

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Directed by Pablo Briones, Sean Clark, and Jace Freeman, here is a film that blurs the lines between fiction and documentary as it accentuates bittersweet childhood connections, full of teases, mischief and innocent t...

The Pleasure Garden review – bittersweet musical romance amid the roses

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It is 1850s south London and the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens is in its last decade of offering spectacular public entertainment, including concerts and circus acts. More adventurous types head for the secluded rose-stre...

Bittersweet Symphony review – pretty but fake-feeling family Christmas yarn

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The freewheeling improv style of Jamie Adams (who directed the daffy comedy Black Mountain Poets) hits a wall in his new film about a family Christmas in Wales. There are comedy scenes here that flatline and lightweig...

Shakespeare Wallah: Merchant Ivory’s bittersweet tale of Bollywood and the Bard

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The actor Geoffrey Bragg was born in 1909 in the Lake District and later adopted the name of his birth town of Kendal but, at schools and theatres across India in the 1940s and 50s, he was recognised simply as the “Sh...