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Dobermann review – Vincent Cassel’s brutal pulp thriller still bites

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Very over the top, extremely brutal and as French as a Johnny Hallyday calendar – here’s a rerelease for the gonzo crime thriller from 1997, directed by Jan Kounen and adapted from the pulp policier series by Joël Hou...

Inflation bites hardest in developing world as Ukraine war raises prices

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Prices were rising before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has further disrupted energy markets and food exports, forcing developing countries to pay more to import staples at a time when they are already strugglin...

Desperation amid food shortages in Shanghai as Covid lockdown bites

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Stories of desperation are emerging in Shanghai as the city enters its third day of strict lockdown, with increasingly widespread reports of residents being unable to access food, medicine and other essentials. The ci...

UK firms hike prices at record pace and retail sales slide as inflation bites – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

As the energy crisis bites, could fracking ever actually work? - podcast

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The average family’s energy bill will soon be increasing by 54% in die UK, amid soaring energy prices caused in part by Covid-19 lockdowns and Vladimir Putin’s decision to reduce gas exports prior to Russia’s invasion...

Sri Lanka cancels school exams over paper shortage as financial crisis bites

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Sri Lanka has cancelled school exams for millions of students after running out of printing paper, as the country contends with its worst financial crisis since independence in 1948. Education authorities said on Satu...

UK wages fall at fastest rate since 2014 as cost-of-living squeeze bites

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Average wages in Britain have fallen at the fastest rate since 2014 as annual pay growth fails to keep pace with rising inflation amid Britain’s cost of living crisis. The Office for National Statistics said that annu...

Major League Baseball cancels spring training games as lockout bites

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Major League Baseball on Friday canceled the first week of spring training games through 4 Maart, in the first public acknowledgement of disruption caused by the lockout. The announcement came with the work stoppage ...

UK pay growth lags behind inflation as cost of living squeeze bites – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

EU hopes €43bn plan will fix chip shortages as supply chain crisis bites

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The European Union has announced a €43bn ($48bn) plan to overcome its dependency on Asian computer chip makers as governments and businesses around the world battle with a global supply chain crisis that experts belie...

When inflation bites, support for the Tories will further erode

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Inflation has hit its highest level in a decade. For most people, prices are rising faster than wages. Energy bills are soaring. The Bank of England is poised to raise interest rates next month. Personal taxes are goi...

China hit by power cuts and factory closures as energy crisis bites

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China has told railway companies and local authorities to expedite vital coal supplies to utilities as the world’s second largest economy grapples with extensive power cuts that have crippled industrial output in key ...

UK forced to borrow more than expected as soaring inflation bites

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The UK government was forced to borrow more than expected in August as soaring inflation pushed up debt interest payments. The Office for National Statistics said the government’s budget deficit – the gap between spen...

Elite UK universities send students out of town as housing squeeze bites

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Top universities are scrambling to find enough accommodation for thousands of extra students, after record numbers netted the high grades they needed to clinch their offers last week. Some students are being offered h...

Billionaire tycoon named as Lebanese PM as economic crisis bites

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After a year-long standoff, Lebanon has named a new prime minister who its feuding factions hope can ward off a total economic collapse and save an estimated 2 million people from the brink of poverty. Protesters had ...

California to transport 17m salmon to the sea by truck as drought bites

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Baby Chinook salmon from California’s Central Valley typically have a long swim downriver to the ocean to survive into the next stage of life. Hierdie jaar, they are getting a helping hand in the form of a fleet of tanke...

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