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Trump Jr urged fans to sign his father’s birthday card (only if they send a donation)

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Donald Trump Jr has reportedly invited his father’s backers to sign the ex-president’s online birthday card, so long as they donate money to his fundraising group. According to Insider, Trump’s eldest son made this pi...

How do I explain to my daughter we can’t afford an expensive birthday party?

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Verlede week, my daughter started asking questions about her upcoming eighth birthday party. I had planned on something small but special since she’d celebrated her last two birthdays in lockdown, but a quick glance onli...

Royals wish Harry and Meghan’s daughter Lilibet a happy first birthday

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Members of the royal family have wished the Duke and Duchess of Sussexes’ daughter, Lilibet, a happy birthday as she turns one while in the UK for the Queen’s jubilee celebrations. The Prince of Wales, the Duchess of ...

Birthday honours: dance teacher, 104, and NHS fundraisers, 11, among recipients

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From the oldest, bejaardes 104, to the youngest, 11-year-old twins, the majority of honours are awarded to ordinary individuals who have undertaken extraordinary acts for their communities. Dance teacher Angela Redgrave, 1...

US soldiers give Italian woman birthday cake to replace one stolen in second world war – video

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The US army has presented an Italian woman with a birthday cake to replace the cake that American soldiers stole from her as it cooled on a windowsill 77 jare terug. Meri Mion, who turned 90 the day after the presentat...

North Korea marks founder Kim Il-sung’s birthday with mass parade but no weapons

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Thousands of North Koreans marched in a choreographed display of loyalty to the ruling Kim family during a massive civilian parade celebrating the birthday of the country’s founder attended by his grandson and current...

Verteerde week: the birthday rat race is back – oh, for pandemic parties in the park

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One welcome hiatus during the pandemic was from the rat race of children’s birthday parties. It never reached Christina Crawford levels of pony and fairground rides in our corner of New York but, before March 2020, mi...

The spring equinox and a family birthday

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So here we are, the spring equinox – arriving mid- afternoon, depending on where you are reading this – the start of the prime days of rising sun and hope and gardening. It begins a little later in Denmark. But here, ...

Happy birthday, Hitler: how Australia’s Nazis got away with ‘the whole rotten show’

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A Nazi flag hangs on one side of the hall, the Australian flag on the other. Between them, a floral arrangement lines the steps leading to a framed portrait of Adolf Hitler above which a sign in German says “50 years”...

Ben Jennings on Boris Johnson’s lockdown birthday — cartoon

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Covid regstreekse nuus: Johnson faces outrage over lockdown birthday; Netherlands expected to drop Omicron measures

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News UK prime minister spent birthday indoors with 30 guests in breach of Covid restrictions prompts new fury; 7pm announcement in Netherlands expected to ease curbs despite high national caseload

Boris Johnson faces fresh outrage over lockdown birthday party

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Boris Johnson was facing renewed anger from MPs and bereaved families on Monday after the disclosure that his fiancee threw him a surprise lockdown birthday party, as sources said an official inquiry had uncovered “ap...

Birthday thoughts and inspiration from the past

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January for me is often melancholic. Deep midwinter. Yesterday was my birthday. Too close to Christmas. A time for taking stock. For giving thanks. For looking back as much as forward. Something I am prone to do anywa...

Pet parties: the surprising – and occasionally dangerous – trend for animal birthday celebrations

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Voorkoms: Either very jolly or entirely hellish, depending on your sensibility. Legality: Woolly. It cannot possibly be illegal for me to have a lovely birthday party for my adorable kitten. Let me ask you this: hy het...

Dozens of Hong Kong officials in Covid quarantine after birthday party

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Dozens of senior officials and legislators in Hong Kong have been sent into a 21-day quarantine after they attended a birthday party despite the government’s own pandemic warning. The embarrassing incident came as the...

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