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Super League europea: ‘Nobody is safe from these billionaires’

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Leon Osman Former Everton footballer turned pundit If this had happened while I was playing I would hope I would have been one of those players who spoke out publicly against a Super League and shown my lack of belief...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: Tokyo Olympics will be safe, says IOC; vaccines ‘make nine people billionaires’

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IOC tells Japan that Tokyo Olympics will be safe for athletes and community; profits from Covid vaccines have helped nine people become billionaires

Oligarch v sheikh: Champions League final’s battle of the billionaires

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Welcome to the battle of the billionaires. On the pitch the Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester City in Porto on Saturday will be the biggest match of most of the players’ careers. On the touchline i...

Why are billionaires obsessed with going to space?

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Branson, Bezos, Musk: why are these billionaires, with all their worldly riches, fixated on space travel? The Tesla founder, Elon Musk, argues that in becoming “multiplanetary”, humans might gain “failsafe” protection...

Why is Bezos is flying to space? Because billionaires think Earth is a sinking ship

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Jeff Bezos is the most reptilian of billionaires. His heart has never shown evidence of a drop of warm blood. Despite all of the public relations that money can buy, his discomfort with normal human emotion shines thr...

Space-sized egos, tiny tax bills… Billionaires should be jettisoned

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The time has come to abolish billionaires. intendo, it’s been coming for a while, but now the alarm is ringing. It started ringing when it first became clear that the existence of billionaires revealed a huge failure i...

Tax on billionaires’ Covid windfall could vaccinate every adult on Earth

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Every adult in the world could get a Covid-19 vaccine if the wealth billionaires collected during the pandemic was taxed 99% once, according to an analysis published on Thursday by several groups that advocate for eco...

The party’s over: China clamps down on its tech billionaires

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In a Politburo group study session on 23 novembre 2015, il presidente della Cina, Xi Jinping, recommended the book Capital in the Twenty-First Century by the French economist Thomas Piketty. “The rich data he used demonstrat...

House Democrats are scared to tax billionaires – that’s a costly mistake

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Questa settimana, House Democrats released their proposed tax increases to fund Joe Biden’s $3.5tn social policy plan. The biggest surprise: they didn’t go after the huge accumulations of wealth at the top – representing th...

Metaverse, Mars, meditation retreats: billionaires want to escape the world they ruined

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On Thursday Facebook announced a groundbreaking and innovative new distraction from their PR disaster. As journalists continue to pore over thousands of leaked documents that show the company is fully aware that it is...

Betting billionaire’s charity cuts donations from £9m to £6m

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A charity founded by Denise Coates, the billionaire boss of online gambling firm Bet365, has reduced its donations to good causes from £9m to £6m, despite its reserves swelling by almost 50% to £568m. Accounts filed a...

Root of the problem: the brutal creation of a billionaire’s pleasure garden

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Villagers gather round kitchen tables, squabbling about the fate of huge trees, some of which have stood for centuries in front of their homes. What does one tree matter if its removal means the roads will be improved...