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Billie Eilish: ‘I’ve gotten a lot more proud of who I am’

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It’s a measure of what Billie Eilish’s life has been like in 2021 that she woke up one morning last month, rolled over to check her phone and found out she’d got seven Grammy award nominations. She’d overslept the act...

Billie Eilish to become youngest solo Glastonbury headliner

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Billie Eilish will be the youngest solo artist ever to headline Glastonbury festival when she tops the bill on Friday night next year. The 19-year-old pop icon teased the news on her Instagram, posting a photograph of...

Billie, Lorde, Lizzo: has being a female pop star in 2021 become unbearable?

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The mechanisms of pop stardom have never been subject to as much scrutiny as they are now. Britney Spears’ conservatorship struggle exposed their potential for (alleged) misbruik. Raye recently split from her major label...

Billie Eilish, Leon Bridges and more: August’s best album reviews

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Billie Eilish: ‘To always try to look good is such a loss of joy and freedom’

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Billie Eilish is making me nervous. She has called, as arranged, bang on time – 11pm in Los Angeles – but, she admits, she is not quite ready to speak: “This is a mess, I’m so sorry!” Her pale face and platinum hair l...

Billie Eilish: Happier Than Ever review – inside pop stardom’s heart of darkness

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“I’m getting older,” sings Billie Eilish, who’s 19, on Happier Than Ever’s opening track. “I’ve got more on my shoulders”, she adds, which is certainly true. Her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? wa ...

This week’s new tracks: Billie Eilish, Laura Stevenson, Kississippi

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With its Pyramid stage-sized synth wobbles, Billie’s gutsy take on growing pains is her finest pop moment yet. Weird plucked strings evoke a sneaky fairytale villain, as she works out relationship boundaries – full o...

24-hour Covid benefit concert announced with the Weeknd, Billie Eilish and more

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A 24-hour livestreamed concert to benefit global recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic has been announced for 25 September. Music stars including the Weeknd, Ed Sheeran and Billie Eilish are confirmed to perform at Glo...

‘I am appalled’: Billie Eilish apologises for mouthing apparent racist slur in resurfaced five-year-old clip

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Billie Eilish has apologised after a video surfaced appearing to show her mouthing a racist slur. The Grammy-winning pop star, 19, shared a lengthy statement to Instagram Stories, writing that she was “appalled and em...

Rare Beasts review – Billie Piper’s deliciously dark and deadpan anti-romcom

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Billie Piper’s feature debut as writer-director is a peculiar “anti-romcom” – a post-Fleabag-era tale of dysfunctional male/female relationships, tinged with musical fantasia and built around bitterly comedic theatric...

Billie Piper: From vulnerable teen pop star to director of an ‘anti-romcom’

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Billie Piper has occupied a near continual, if shifting, position in the public imagination for almost a quarter of a century. That’s a notable achievement by any reckoning of a performer’s career, but it’s also rathe...

Rare Beasts review – masterful Billie Piper rips up the romcom rulebook

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Rare Beasts is a bold experiment in nerve-jangling confrontation: it has the structure and ingredients of romantic comedy but turns everything on its head. Op papier, it could be made by Richard Curtis: there are attra...

This week’s new tracks: Willow, Joel Culpepper, Billie Eilish

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The 00s pop-punk revival is fully thriving, but I can’t be the only one querying the value of whiny tracks about high school from those old enough to still call exams O-Levels. Thank God for Willow, tracking her meta...

Billie Eilish is publishing her family photos: ‘It made me miss a lot of parts of my life’

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The small girl in the photo, sitting at a piano while singing into a toy microphone, could be any child. But she is Billie Eilish: one of the world’s biggest stars from the age of 14, famous for her dreamy and moody b...

Billie Eilish says all her age group have suffered sexual misbehaviour

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Billie Eilish has spoken about the prevalence of sexual exploitation of minors in an interview, saying “it’s everywhere”. Speaking about her new single, Your Power, which addresses an abusive relationship between a mi...

Billie Eilish: Your Power review – chilling ballad seeps under your skin

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To say that Billie Eilish’s forthcoming third album is eagerly-awaited is an understatement. It wasn’t just that 2019’s triple-Grammy winning When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? was incredibly popular, although i...