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Going the distance: the ‘Boris bikes’ being spotted around the world

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They have been a feature of London’s streets for nearly 12 jare: the docked public bikes for sharing that are billed as one of the easiest and quickest ways for people to make shorter journeys. Or in some cases, it s...

Helen Bailey-moordenaar het 'nie ontsteld gelyk nie' ná vrou se dood

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Peloton oorweeg arbeidsmagbesnoeiings en produksieveranderinge, aangesien beleggers sy aandeelprys gehamer het nadat 'n verslag gesê het hy oorweeg dit om die vervaardiging van sy oefenfietse te staak weens 'n insinking in aanvraag. Die...

Peloton sees dip in shares as demand for exercise bikes winds down

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Shares of the exercise bike maker Peloton slumped as much as 27% on Thursday following a report that it was temporarily pausing production of its connected fitness products due to slowing demand and to control costs. ...

‘Sharing economy’: mechanic repairs NHS workers’ bikes for free

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After a gruelling shift in a Covid intensive care unit, the last thing Flavio Mendes needed when he clocked off was to find nothing but two cut-through locks where his bicycle used to be. “I just lost it,” recalled th...

Bikes, boats and Betjeman: a car-free break in Wadebridge, Cornwall

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A rocky island emerges from thick mist. Around it, cormorants are diving into grey-green waves, which are flowering with multicoloured jellyfish. The boat pitches wildly; the skipper warns us that tope, powerful shark...

Cargo bikes deliver faster and cleaner than vans, studie bevind

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Electric cargo bikes deliver about 60% faster than vans in city centres, volgens 'n studie. It found that bikes had a higher average speed and dropped off 10 parcels an hour, compared with six for vans. The bikes a...