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Is Biden’s entire agenda about to shrink into nothingness?

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Hierdie week, Democrats either reach agreement on Biden’s social and climate agenda or the agenda may shrink into meaninglessness. The climate measures in particular need to be settled before Biden heads to Scotland for ...

Are lobbyists trying to gut Biden’s budget? No one knows – and that’s the problem

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Joe Biden’s Build Back Better reconciliation bill has been stuck in limbo – and conservative Democrats are in fundraising heaven. West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, who raised more than $400,000 from the oil and gas industr...

Manchin thwarts Biden’s climate plan: Politics Weekly Extra

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As Joe Biden gears up for his trip to Glasgow for the Cop26 summit, Senator Joe Manchin continues to try to water down the reconciliation bill, which as it stands includes transformational provisions to stem the adver...

Biden’s pick for China ambassador says ‘we cannot trust the Chinese’ on Taiwan

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US president Joe Biden’s nominee to be ambassador to Beijing on Wednesday said China was aggressive and untrustworthy, insisting that boosting Taiwan’s defences against the threat of Chinese invasion should be a US pr...

Millions in US hope plan to expand dental care survives cuts to Biden’s bill

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Dory Adams, 67, who lives outside Atlanta, was diagnosed with osteoradionecrosis due to radiation treatment she received in 1999 for oral cancer. Effectively, the radiation weakened the bone in her jaw. “I have endur...

Biden’s budget could transform life for working women. Don’t let Manchin gut it

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Joe Manchin is worried that American families will get spoiled if their government looks out for them too much. In negotiations over the Build Back Better Act (BBBA), the Biden administration’s sweeping social spendin...

Biden’s clean electricity program could be dropped from spending bill – report

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A central component to the Biden administration’s climate agenda could be dropped from the massive budget bill that is pending in Congress due to opposition from Senator Joe Manchin, according to a report in the New Y...

Democrats blocking Biden’s agenda represent some of nation’s poorest

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Several of the leading Democrats in Congress who have stood in the way of Joe Biden’s $3.5tn budget package, which includes popular provisions widely expected to help working-class Americans, have taken that stance de...

Die wetsontwerp op Build Back Better van Joe Biden handel oor vryheid. Hoekom sê hy nie so nie?

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Politiek is nie net praatjies nie, maar geen groot politieke projek kan klaarkom sonder dat iemand oortuigende taal bewerkstellig nie. Demokrate het 'n buitengewone slegte taak verrig om die saak aan te spreek vir wat nog net bekend staan ​​as 'die $ 3,5 ton'..

Biden’s signature bill isn’t that expensive. It’s a drop in the bucket

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As Democrats continue negotiations in the hopes of saving Biden legislative agenda, one thing has consumed the media and conservative Democrats in Congress: the price tag. Nearly every news item on Biden’s signature B...

Senior state department official calls Biden’s deportation of Haitians illegal

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A senior legal adviser in the state department has accused the Biden administration of deporting Haitians illegally through the use of a public health law. Harold Koh, a veteran of the Obama administration, had been d...

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema: the centrists blocking Biden’s agenda

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Donald Trump’s favorite insult for political opponents inside his own party is “Rino” – Republican in name only. By such logic, Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona are the epitome of Di...

Pelosi delays vote on Biden’s infrastructure bill

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Goeie more. Democrats will return to the negotiating table on Friday morning after reaching an impasse over Joe Biden’s domestic agenda, with Nancy Pelosi delaying a planned vote, as legislative and fiscal deadlines...

Pelosi delays vote on Biden’s infrastructure bill in defeat for Democrats

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The US House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, postponed a planned vote on a $1tn infrastructure bill on Thursday night in a stinging defeat for Democrats after progressives revolted, withholding their support until an agreement...

Fate of Biden’s economic agenda at stake as House faces crucial vote

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Democrats are on the verge of a make-or-break moment – one that will determine the fate of Joe Biden’s ambitious economic agenda – as they rush to bridge the internal divisions threatening to derail passage of the swe...

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