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Morrisons shares driven up as investors bet on bidding war

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Morrisons shares have surged again as investors bet the £7bn price tag on the company could go higher still amid a private equity bidding war for control. They closed up 4% at 291p, 6p more than the 285p a share offer...

Morrisons’ rejection of £5.5bn offer may spark bidding war for grocer

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An unsolicited £5.5bn private equity bid for Morrisons, swiftly rejected by the supermarket chain, could spark a bidding war for Britain’s fourth biggest grocer and has raised concerns that other supermarket groups co...

Groups of towns are invited to join bidding for UK city of culture

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Groups of towns will be able to bid to be the UK’s city of culture for the first time as the government hopes to use the competition to promote its levelling-up agenda. The culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, also hopes...