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Spy cops inquiry delays ‘beyond belief’, say women deceived by officers

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Women who were deceived into intimate relationships with undercover police officers have said it is “beyond belief” they will have to wait a further two years for the public inquiry into the undercover policing scanda...

The world’s engines are spluttering: IMF points to deeper problems beyond 2022

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The International Monetary Fund’s revised World Economic Outlook is sobering. It is rare for the organisation to revise down sharply its projections for economic growth only one quarter into the calendar year. Sin embargo, en ...

Beyond Bridgerton: what Regency romance was really like

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It doesn’t require Lady Whistledown levels of surveillance to work out why Regency romance has been getting so much love of late. When Bridgerton, Netflix’s phenomenally popular period romp, first exploded on to our s...

Beyond Reasonable Doubt: Britain’s Rape Crisis review – a harrowing look at a broken system

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In any documentary involving the British police there is always a moment where the disjunction between the form and content of what they are saying is so enormous it feels like you are suffering from a momentary disso...

Taliban decide against opening schools to girls in Afghanistan beyond age of 11

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The Taliban have decided against opening schools to girls in Afghanistan beyond secondary school age, an official said Wednesday on the first day of Afghanistan’s new school year. The latest setback for girls’ educati...

Guerra Rusia-Ucrania: Guerra Rusia-Ucrania

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El mes pasado, Guerra Rusia-Ucrania. Guerra Rusia-Ucrania. Guerra Rusia-Ucrania.

Ministro del Reino Unido advierte a Rusia contra el uso de armas químicas en Ucrania

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Ministro del Reino Unido advierte a Rusia contra el uso de armas químicas en Ucrania, según cifras oficiales que resaltan la precaria situación financiera en la que se encontraban millones de personas antes ...

‘Beyond understanding’: Odesa braced to see if Putin attacks city of such resonance for Russians

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The tourist cafes are behind barricades. The grand opera house is surrounded by a wall of sandbags. Tank traps block the approaches to the legendary Potemkin steps. Nobody in Odesa can quite believe that Vladimir Puti...

Beyond the fog of war: books to help us understand the invasion of Ukraine

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With Russian forces pushing deep into Ukraine, bombarding Kharkiv, Kyiv and other cities, and an unprecedented wave of western sanctions pushing the rouble down to an all-time low, it is hard for any of us to tear our...

Clyburn: supreme court nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson ‘beyond politics’

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The supreme court nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson should be placed “beyond politics”, the politician who extracted Joe Biden’s politically priceless promise to instal the first Black woman on the court said on Sun...

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Surrealism Beyond Borders review – A raging sea of glorious strangeness

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Subversive, liberating, violent, transgressive and revolutionary, surrealism was always more than a parade of melting watches and trains chuffing out of fireplaces. It was also more than a European phenomenon. For a m...

BP has ambitious plans to move beyond fossil fuels – but are they enough?

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When BP revealed this week that bumper profits had reached an eight-year high, helped by the same soaring gas prices that have fuelled a national cost of living crisis, it had a political sweetener already prepared. T ...

As Omicron peaks, the US healthcare system is left ‘broken beyond repair’

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Dr Brian Resler, an emergency physician in the San Francisco Bay Area, recently polled a group of doctors on an overnight shift about their jobs. “Everyone of us said if we could go back, we would choose a different c...

Christmas with my grandmother was always special – comforting beyond words

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Christmas belonged to my grandmother. It was as if she invented it. On Christmas Eve, my mother would drive my sister and me from Hackney in east London to Hertfordshire. We’d arrive to an electric fire-heated house t...

La amoralidad de Boris Johnson ha sido probada más allá de toda duda

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Es difícil no estar de acuerdo con la devastadora evaluación de John Harris sobre Boris Johnson (Las crisis de Boris Johnson se reducen a una cosa: desprecio por el resto de nosotros, 12 diciembre). Excepto, quizás, cuando escribe que Johnson ....

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