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Jacinda Ardern looks to life beyond lockdowns with 90% vaccination target

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Jacinda Ardern wants to make New Zealand a world leader in Covid vaccinations, inoculating 90% de la población, but experts warn there will be challenges ahead as the prime minister seeks to find a way to take the h...

Beyond Kabul, a humanitarian crisis is developing in Afghanistan

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It felt surreal to be flying into Kabul international airport rather than out, crossing paths with families who were trying to flee. For three days I sat stranded in a field hospital in the airport grounds, the crowds...

Beyond normal: new novel brings Sally Rooney mania to bookshops across UK

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When they were children they lined the streets in their witch hats and capes, keen to pick up the latest Harry Potter title as bookshops opened their doors at midnight. Now they are a little older, the prospect of a t...

‘Mini-Neptunes’ beyond solar system may soon yield signs of life

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Signs of life beyond our solar system may be detectable within two to three years, experts have said after rethinking the kinds of planets that may be habitable. Researchers have mostly looked for planets of a similar...

Biden rejects allies’ pleas to keep troops in Afghanistan beyond end of August

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Joe Biden has rejected the pleas of domestic and international allies to keep troops in Afghanistan for evacuation efforts beyond the end of the month, citing the growing threat of a terrorist attack. In a move likely...

Los talibanes adoptarán una "postura diferente"’ si las tropas estadounidenses permanecen más allá 31 Agosto - video

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Un portavoz de los talibanes ha dicho en una conferencia de prensa que el 31 Se mantendrá el plazo de agosto para las evacuaciones estadounidenses del país., agregando que los talibanes son "no a favor" de permitir que afganos capacitados abandonen el país..

Los talibanes dicen que la permanencia de las tropas estadounidenses más allá del plazo "provocará una reacción’ - video

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Quedarse más allá del plazo acordado de 31 Agosto sería 'extender la ocupación', El portavoz de los talibanes, Suhail Shaheen, dijo el lunes, y esto 'provocaría una reacción'. Los comentarios se hicieron después de un tiroteo entre ....

Biden says US troops may stay in Afghanistan beyond 31 August deadline

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Joe Biden has suggested there was no way for the US to withdraw from Afghanistan “without chaos ensuing”, and said US troops may stay past a 31 August deadline to evacuate Americans there. As critics in the US and abr...

Pret a Manger in post-pandemic plan to expand beyond big city centres

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Pret a Manger is plotting to expand outside London and other big city centres as large numbers of office workers continue to work from home, with plans to open 100 franchised shops, plus about 100 of its own outlets. ...

¿Pueden los Springboks ir más allá de su enfoque de justificar los medios??

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Uno de los momentos más divertidos de este británico & La gira de los Irish Lions se produjo en vísperas de la tercera prueba cuando un periodista sudamericano preguntó a los representantes de los Springboks si el fin de semana dec ...

Lewis Hamilton is right about diversity. But the issue goes way beyond motorsport

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I was delighted to receive an email from Lewis Hamilton last year, asking that I join his newly created commission on diversity in British motorsport. I accepted because Hamilton has become a champion for social chang...

Good Omens is going beyond the book? That’s not a bad sign

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En 2017, when Neil Gaiman first sat down in St James’s Park, Londres, ready to start filming the television adaptation of Good Omens, his showrunner’s chair collapsed under him. "Pensé, that’s not really a good ome...

Football Beyond Borders – a photo essay by Sebastian Barros

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If the lockdowns have had been challenging for everyone, spare a thought for young teens, for whom friends are like second family. Over the past year they have been unable to hang out for months, stuck at home or sepa...

Beyond These Walls review – Tennessee Williams cools down in Boston Spa

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Northern Broadsides has a history of putting a northern English stamp on the world canon, a tradition upheld by artistic director Laurie Sansom as he digs up four lesser-seen shorts by Tennessee Williams and relocates...

Contrarian comic Fin Taylor: ‘I don’t believe in anything beyond getting the next laugh’

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En 2019, a performance of Fin Taylor’s #MeToo-themed When Harassy Met Sally prompted outrage in an article for the Independent. “Thinly veiled rape apologism,” it called the show. “What kind of reactionary drivel was ...

Pelosi: ‘beyond belief’ that Trump DoJ chiefs didn’t know of secret subpoenas

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El presidente de la Cámara, Nancy Pelosi, said on Sunday it was “beyond belief” that the three top justice department officials of Donald Trump’s administration had been unaware of secret subpoenas seeking private data from th...

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