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My English Cousin review – searching doc about a man between two worlds

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Algerian-Swiss film-maker Karim Sayad has here created a sweetly indulgent portrait of his “English cousin” Fahed: a pudgy, smiley, good-natured guy sloping about the place in his England shirt, someone whom you can e...

Between Two Worlds review – Juliette Binoche goes undercover in the gig economy

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Novelist and film-maker Emmanuel Carrère has contrived this earnestly intentioned but naive and supercilious drama about poverty and the gig economy, starring a tearful Juliette Binoche. It is adapted from the French ...

The Wild Fox of Yemen by Threa Almontaser review – darting between two worlds

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Who is the wild fox of Yemen? I busied myself with a form of foxhunting as I read on through Threa Almontaser’s extraordinary debut collection. She is a Yemeni born in the US and uses her in-between position to the fu...