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Appuntamento al buio: ‘There was a slight mix-up between Drake and Francis Drake’

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Cosa speravi?A fun chance to meet someone new. Prime impressioni?Friendly, polite, warm. What did you talk about?Political engagement and why people should vote. Bake Off and MasterChef. Christmas music. ...

If Johnson is ousted, expect a showdown between Tory MPs and the party faithful

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Boris Johnson’s fall is not yet a fact. But it grows more likely by the hour. The hue and cry resumed at full throttle on Wednesday morning. Then Christian Wakeford, Conservative MP for the “red wall” marginal of Bury...

Mapping fiction: the complicated relationship between authors and literary maps

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From efforts to map Odysseus’s journey to Borges’s commentary on map-making in On Exactitude in Science (where the only sufficient map is in fact as large as the territory it depicts), fictions and maps have long main...

No 10 defends PM’s trips between London and Chequers in March 2020

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Downing Street has said Boris and Carrie Johnson followed Covid guidance when the prime minister was “commuting” from Chequers to No 10 during the first lockdown in 2020 – but declined to answer further questions, inc...

Paramedic dies after collision between ambulance and truck in Kent

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A female paramedic has died after a crash between an ambulance and a cement truck. Two other paramedics were taken to hospital after the collision, which happened on the A21 near Sevenoaks in Kent on Wednesday night. ...

Dogs may be able to tell difference between speech patterns, lo studio trova

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Dogs may appear to have selective hearing when it comes to commands but research suggests they are paying attention to human chit-chat. Researchers – who arranged for headphone-wearing dogs to listen to excerpts from ...

Capitol attack: Cheney says Republicans must choose between Trump and truth

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On a day of alarming polling about attitudes to political violence and fears for US democracy, and as the first anniversary of the Capitol attack approached, a Republican member of the House committee investigating th...

Il punto di vista del Guardian sull'attivismo per il clima: tra obbedienza e resistenza

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Se viene chiesto di nominare una notizia legata alla protesta ambientale in 2021, è probabile che la maggior parte degli inglesi lo farebbe, dipende da dove abitano, menzionare le manifestazioni a fianco della conferenza sul clima di novembre...

Regno Unito Covid in diretta: Queen cancels pre-Christmas lunch; Omicron R number estimated to be between 3 e 5

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: Queen cancels lunch with family; Dr Susan Hopkins says Omicron variant is spreading rapidly and is doubling in size every two days

Atlético Madrid are trapped between shadow of past and uncertain future

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On Sunday night at the Santiago Bernabéu, Atlético Madrid pulled off a spectacular smash-and-grab 2-0 victory against Real Madrid. Both Atlético goals came from surgical counterattacks, after being forced to soak up l...

‘There’s always been an affinity between Christmas and ghosts’: Mark Gatiss on the joy of festive frights

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Close the curtains. Light the fire. Then prepare to be terrified; it’s Christmas. For although the word “cosy” may be closely tied to festivities at this time of year, so it seems is the word “ghost”. In northern Euro...

In the battle between truth and lies, we must protect the world’s journalists

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Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov, the first journalists to receive the Nobel peace prize since 1935, share a belief that the world is engaged in an existential battle for truth and against lies. Speaking at Friday’s Nob...

My husband has attachment issues – and counts the days between sex

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My husband and I have been together for four years, although we married recently. We love each other very much and have regular, enjoyable sex. The issue is that since lockdown my husband is terrified of being without...

Life Between Islands review – a mind-altering portrait of British Caribbean life through art

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Exhilarating, mighty, radical, tender, as disturbing as it is beautiful, Life Between Islands is a revelation from first to last. It follows 70 years of tumultuous history through art. Agonising departures and brutal ...

Life Between Islands review: displaying the power and passion of Caribbean-British art

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Life Between Islands is an exhibition of protests and pleasures, celebrations and insurrections. Several years in the making, and as important as it is timely – as well as long overdue – it is also an exhibition of ar...

Crescita degli scambi tra l'Irlanda del Nord e l'Irlanda dopo la Brexit

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Il valore del commercio tra l'Irlanda del Nord e l'Irlanda è aumentato vertiginosamente dalla Brexit con un aumento degli affari transfrontalieri in entrambe le direzioni, i dati ufficiali mostrano. I dati diffusi mercoledì dalla Centrale di Statistica ...

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