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Berlin’s car ban campaign: ‘It’s about how we want to live, breathe and play’

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A citizens’ initiative calling for a ban on private car use in central Berlin would create the largest car-free urban area in the world. The campaign group Berlin Autofrei has taken the first step in a process known a...

Hertha Berlin’s long-mooted revamp is favouring humility over stardust

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The fans on the Ostkurve of Berlin’s Olympiastadion celebrated with abandon on Friday night, looking “more euphoric than they had for a long time”, as Jörn Lange of Berliner Morgenpost put it. Hertha had just avoided ...

Berlin’s bizarre new museum: a Prussian palace rebuilt for €680m

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A museum gift shop has never been such an ideological battleground. At one end of the store in Berlin’s new Humboldt Forum is a display of souvenirs adorned with the gilded silhouette of the Stadtschloss, the city’s f...

Berlin’s university canteens go almost meat-free as students prioritise climate

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Students at universities in Berlin will from this winter swap currywurst and schnitzel for seeds and pulses, as campus canteens in the German capital make heavy cuts to their meat and fish options. Il 34 canteens and...

Berlin’s rent cap, though defeated in court, shows how to cool overheated markets

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The housing question is one of the central issues of our time, and events last week in Berlin underscored what’s at stake. In a much-anticipated ruling, Germany’s constitutional court in Karlsruhe ruled that Berlin’s ...

Berlin’s plan to return Benin bronzes piles pressure on UK museums

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Berlin is negotiating to fully restitute hundreds of the Benin bronzes in a shift of policy that has been welcomed in Nigeria but will put pressure on museums in London and Oxford to also return artefacts looted by Br...