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It’s Festival 22 time! Welcome to an orgy of pride, pageantry and, er, levelling up

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Usefully, それが判明したとして, there is already a word for a national glut of festivals and pageants – pageantitis. First innocently observed in 1907, then again in the 1950s, another wave of festivities is currently bein...

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga: Love for Sale review – a fond farewell

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After a recent recent dalliance with hyperpop on the chaotic remix of her 2020 Chromatica album, pop polymath Lady Gaga returns to easy listening on her second covers collaboration with Tony Bennett. While their first...

You can’t opt in and out of taking violence against women seriously

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After the heartbreaking family statements and accounts of Sarah Everard’s abduction and murder, it seemed unlikely a judicial summing up could exacerbate the distress. But somehow the judge achieved it. Everard was, L...

By signing up Emma Raducanu, it’s game, set and match to Tiffany

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Like many men studying Emma Raducanu’s victory at the US Open, one writer found himself focusing on one particular part of her body – her “athletic frame”, as the former table tennis champion Matthew Syed called it. “...

That’s the trouble with Chequers: it makes you forget you might have some work to do

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Before he became boon companion to the now-disgraced financier, Lex Greensill, David Cameron devoted a chunk of his autobiography to justifying Chequers, first among the government’s collection of country houses. “All...

Naftali Bennett makes first visit to Egypt by an Israeli PM in a decade

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Israel’s prime minister, ナフタリ・ベネット, has met the Egyptian president, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, in the first visit to Egypt by an Israeli leader in a decade. The meeting, which took place in the Red Sea resort city of ...

Men are inventing new excuses for killing women and judges are falling for them

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Although it takes some ingenuity to kill a woman and face no penalty whatsoever, the justice system continues to ensure that, for the right killing, in the right circumstances, the punishment – given the right judge –...

I love Jane Austen but I’m not sure her novels can save neo-Nazis

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If the behavioural impact of reading Jane Austen has yet to be scientifically established, we’re not without anecdotal evidence. Throughout his career, マイケル・ゴーブ, 例えば, has publicised his devotion, wishing ...

チェックアウト 19 クレア・ルイーズ・ベネットのレビュー–女性の肖像

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クレア・ルイーズ・ベネットの待望の小説の早い段階で, その名前のないナレーターは、祖母の家への子供の頃の訪問を思い出します. 出発する時間になったとき, 年配の女性, その大人気のシグネチャーベイクはfruiでした。.

In a family so dedicated to children’s charities, is Andrew now the reviled uncle?

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Balmoral: “Located in Royal Deeside,” we learn from the royal family website, this gigantic granite folly is “one of two personal and private residences owned by The Royal Family, unlike the Royal Palaces, that belong...

Tony Bennett, 95, retires from live shows on doctors’ orders

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Some might say that 95 is a decent age to call it a day. But Tony Bennett, who is retiring from live performance after more than eight decades in the business, is only doing so on strict doctors’ orders. による ...

Allegra Stratton leads by example in saving the world… she doesn’t fancy it just yet

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‘I don’t fancy it just yet,” said Allegra Stratton, いいえ 10 press secretary turned prime minister’s climate spokesperson, when she was asked about getting an electric car. She preferred her old diesel, thank you. If...

I’ve been watching Nigel Farage on GB News so you don’t have to. Consider yourself lucky

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Nigel Farage may not be the best-loved emergency service, but as demonstrated by his recent work for GB News, the struggling, consciously patriotic news channel, he is always available, willing to take on jobs most br...

Not even published, already damned – why are people running scared of Prince Harry’s memoir?

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Not since criminals were barred from profiting in this way can a publisher’s announcement of a memoir have united the British press in such disgust. Before that, even the gangster turned memoirist, “Mad” Frankie Frase...

If sending yourself into space is the ultimate publicity stunt, what next for Richard Branson?

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Thinking, 多分, that it brings some purifying wonder to the pointless exercise, space plutocrats like to emphasise that their wish as grown men to ride in a space rocket dates from more innocent times. “Ever since I ...

Men in Blazers’ Roger Bennett: ‘It’s a universal coming-of-age impulse to romanticize what you’re not’

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More than a third of Britons watched Dallas during the soap opera’s heyday. With only three TV channels before 1982, there wasn’t much else on. But the massive viewership also implied a nation eager for escapism. “Eas...

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