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L'evacuato di Mariupol racconta il terrore nei bunker sotto le acciaierie Azovstal

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Rannicchiati nel labirinto dei bunker dell'era sovietica, molto al di sotto delle vaste acciaierie dell'Azovstal, Natalia Usmanova sentiva che il suo cuore si sarebbe fermato mentre le bombe russe piovevano su Mariupol, cospargendola di polvere di cemento. Usmanov...

Incredibilmente, current climate pledges could keep heating below 2C – but our work isn’t over

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The climate crisis is often seen in binary terms. Precise temperature targets – limiting global heating to 1.5C or 2C – imply decisive moments of victory or loss. Headlines warn that we have only “12 years to save the...

Mask dropped below your nose? Smart cameras in US schools are trained to catch you

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When students in suburban Atlanta returned to school for in-person classes amid the pandemic, they were required to mask up, like in many places across the US. Yet in this 95,000-student district, officials took mask ...

Roman town’s remains found below Northamptonshire field on HS2 route

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A wealthy Roman trading town, whose inhabitants adorned themselves with jewellery and ate from fine pottery, has been discovered half a metre below the surface of a remote field in Northamptonshire. A 10-metre-wide Ro...

‘Tackle below the hips’: Eddie Jones calls for youth rugby rule change

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Eddie Jones has called for the tackle height to be lowered in youth rugby union in order to further reduce the risk of brain injuries in the sport. In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, Jones said that while he...

Multinational running England’s catch-up tuition 90% below enrolment target

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Randstad, the Dutch multinational company responsible for delivering the government’s flagship National Tutoring Programme (NTP) is under mounting pressure after claims that pupil enrolment for subsidised tuition is m...

Wetherspoon’s sales below pre-Covid levels as older customers stay away

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Wetherspoon’s has suffered a slump in sales below pre-pandemic levels, which the pub chain’s chairman, Tim Martin, blamed on older customers staying away because of lingering caution about the danger of Covid-19 infec...

UK economic growth picks up after July drop; GDP remains below pre-pandemic level – business live

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Rebound in growth unlikely to be sustained, as economists warn on material and fuel shortages

The War Below review – wartime tunnelling heroes rushed through drama

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‘Gentlemen, tonight we may not make history, but we’ll certainly change the bloody geography.” British army colonel Hellfire Jack (Tom Goodman-Hill) gives sterling quotation (though it was apparently said in real life...

John Lewis named in government list of firms that paid below minimum wage

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John Lewis is among the companies “named and shamed” in a government list of employers found to be paying staff below the legal minimum wage. The employee-owned partnership was one of 191 companies including care home...

UK cannabis campaigners take note: negli Stati Uniti, change came from below

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Take a stroll down Abbot Kinney Boulevard, the high street for hipsters in Venice Beach, California, and alongside the brightly painted boutiques offering vintage T-shirts or oat-spiced lattes, you’ll find a sleek, br...

US 2030 goals will take world closer to holding global heating below 2C

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The US goal of halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, paragonato a 2005 livelli, will take the world closer to the reductions scientists say are necessary to hold global heating within scientifically advised limits...