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History turns full circle as G7 alarm bells ring over energy once again

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It is Germany’s turn to host the annual summit of G7 leaders this year and while the war in Ukraine will be top of the agenda at the gathering in Bavaria the economic damage caused by Russia’s invasion will come a clo...

Bailey sets alarm bells ringing while barely mentioning the B-word

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The noises coming out of No 10 ahead of the prime minister’s visit to Northern Ireland had been rather more conciliatory. Ovviamente, there was no admission from Boris Johnson that he had actually negotiated and signed...

‘It’s taken all of me’: Australian surfer Tyler Wright wins at Bells Beach

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Two-time world champion Tyler Wright has made it third time lucky at Bells Beach after busting through the pain barrier to finally win the iconic World Surf League event. Wright lost the Bells Beach final to Carissa M...

Turmoil in small Italian town after judge silences church bells

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All eight Slovenian MEPs have weighed in to a ding-dong in a small town in northern Italy, calling on the European Commission to act to “protect traditions” after an Italian judge silenced a church’s bells. For some i...

Emmanuel Macron’s remarks on Russia set alarm bells ringing

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Domestic critics of Emmanuel Macron, Nato hardliners and the leadership in Ukraine will be suspiciously examining the French president’s late-night remarks at his Moscow press conference on Monday for signs of freelan...

If you love the NHS, the new health and social care bill should set off alarm bells

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Ten years ago, Andrew Lansley’s health and social care bill to reorganise the NHS in England faced enormous opposition. The current health and care bill, which has its second reading in the House of Lords today, has r...

‘Back to the bad old days’: swingeing rail cuts set alarm bells ringing

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Train operators have been told to find ways to cut hundreds of millions of pounds from the railway’s operating costs next year, in a move that is likely to result in fewer services and worse stations for passengers. T ...

Pick the wrong degree and even wedding bells are less likely

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You’ve got to choose carefully what you study at university because the subject determines what you go on to earn. Men taking creative arts degrees on average earn less than if they hadn’t done the course, while those...

Cathedral bells ring out as New Zealand welcomes godwits after longest migration

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Thousands of migrating birds have been welcomed back to New Zealand to the sound of cathedral bells, after making one of the longest avian migration flights in the world. Eastern bar-tail godwits, or kuaka in Māori, l...

The bells v the boutique hotel: the battle to save Britain’s oldest factory

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On a November evening in 2019, Nigel Taylor, who had until recently been the longest-standing employee at the oldest factory in England, took a seat inside a council chamber in the shadow of Canary Wharf in London. L...

Palm Springs review – Groundhog Day with wedding bells on

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It’s an unexceptional wedding. Perhaps the cocktail bar aesthetic is a touch on the cheesy side. Perhaps there are a few sexual misadventures. Certainly a lot of beer is consumed, most of it by Nyles (Andy Samberg, ex...

Steve Bell’s Ifthe residents of Wales flock to the barbers

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