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Guardiola glo dat die finale verlies van die Champions League Manchester City kan dryf

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Pep Guardiola glo dat die seer om die Mei -eindstryd in die Champions League te verloor, Manchester City sal aanvuur as hulle Woensdag se veldtog tuis vir RB Leipzig oopmaak. City is verslaan 1-0 deur Chelsea in Porto en G..

Coalition believes it has numbers to stop Great Barrier Reef being listed as ‘in danger’

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Australia’s global lobbying offensive to keep the Great Barrier Reef off the world heritage “in danger” list has secured support from at least nine of the 21-member committee that will make the decision, Volgens ...

Lions will miss ‘16th man’ in the stands, believes former Boks assistant Gold

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Die Britse & Irish Lions will face a major struggle to win their forthcoming Test series against the South Africa, according to one of the coaches who oversaw the Springboks’ victory on the Lions’ last tour to th...

Thomas Tuchel believes Chelsea can reach standard set by Manchester City

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Thomas Tuchel believes Chelsea are capable of reaching the standards set by Liverpool and Manchester City in the past four years but the manager knows there is no guarantee he will have as much time to prove himself a...