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Belgium 2-3 Francia: Nations League semi-final – as it happened

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Theo Hernández scored in the last minute as France completed a remarkable comeback to beat Belgium and reach the Nations League final

Football’s coming home: legal right to retrieve a lost ball in Belgium

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The problem of the grumpy neighbour who refuses to return a wayward ball over a fence will be a thing of the past in Belgium. A partire dal 1 settembre, anyone who accidentally kicks or throws their ball into a neighbour’s gar...

Belgium opens manslaughter investigation over flood deaths

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A Belgian judge has opened an investigation for possible manslaughter over floods there that claimed 38 vite, the prosecutors office in the city of Liege announced. The investigating magistrate has the task of identi...

Aerial footage shows flooding across Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands – video

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Drone and helicopter footage shows the extent of flood damage in towns across Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands after heavy rainfall caused water levels to rise in large parts of western Europe. Footage from local ...

Belgium unveils plans to return DRC artworks stolen during colonial rule

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Belgium has promised to return artworks plundered from its former Congolese colony, as it seeks to confront its brutal colonial past. Belgium’s Africa Museum – a former totem to empire that has undergone a €75m revamp...

Barella and Insigne break Belgium to send Italy through to semi-final

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Farewell then, to Belgium’s Golden Generation, who perhaps were doomed to futility as soon as they’d been burdened with the name. Who knows what they might have been achieved if they hadn’t wasted so much time under t...

How should our kids end the school year? In Belgium they’d sing drinking songs

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A second school year is drawing to a close without sports days, prize-givings and summer fetes in their usual form, and without parents in attendance. If Covid rates in schools in my neck of the woods are any indicati...

Romelu Lukaku seals Belgium win to leave Finland on the brink of exit

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Glory comes in many forms, some of them very strange indeed – and so too does disappointment. The Finland coach Markku Kanerva had described this as the biggest game in his nation’s history and for 75 minuti, it look...

Five construction workers die in Belgium school collapse

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Five building workers have been confirmed dead after a school construction site partially collapsed in the Belgian city of Antwerp. The last two bodies were pulled out the rubble on Saturday afternoon, Antwerp’s fire ...

De Bruyne inspires Belgium comeback win after Denmark’s Eriksen tribute

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They came, they sang until their voices were raw and, as a flag draped from one of the top tiers reminded everyone, they did it all for Christian Eriksen. Beyond any footballing relevance, this occasion will hold its ...

Jérémy Doku: the Belgium prodigy who got away from Liverpool

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This article is part of the Guardian’s Euro 2020 Experts’ Network, a cooperation between some of the best media organisations from the 24 countries who qualified. is running previews from two countries...

Belgium ambassador’s wife invokes immunity over Seoul assault claims

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The wife of Belgium’s ambassador to South Korea will exercise her diplomatic immunity to avoid criminal charges on allegations she hit two boutique staff in a row over shoplifting, la polizia ha detto. The ambassador, Pe...

The chips are down: Belgium counts the cost of betting all on the potato

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A humble frite with a dollop of mayonnaise is a revered thing in Belgium but, thanks to campaigners against a new mega-processing plant, the environmental and social costs of its mass production are being newly questi...

Farmer moves border stone for tractor – and makes Belgium bigger

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The boundary between France and Belgium is believed to have been inadvertently redrawn by a farmer who found the 200-year-old border stone marking the divide in an inconvenient location for his tractor. The French far...

Euro 2020 power rankings: Belgium back on top as Germany plummet

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Roberto Martínez made eight changes to the team that drew with the Czech Republic on Saturday – only the three-man defence stayed intact – and was rewarded with an effervescent display and an 8-0 victory over Belarus....

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