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Belfast Giants: the ice hockey team that captivated and changed a city

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The Belfast Giants celebrated their 22nd birthday recently and the party shows no sign of stopping. The Giants won the Challenge Cup last month, beating Cardiff Devils in a sold-out final in front of 7,300 home fans, ...

Oscars 2022: Kenneth Branagh wins for Belfast – live!

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The 94th Academy Awards are under way in Hollywood, on the biggest night in the film industry’s year• The full list of winners – as they are announced• The best looks on the red carpet – in pictures

Belfast court quashes decision to stop Bloody Sunday prosecution of Soldier F

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A British army veteran accused of killing two civilians on Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1972 may face prosecution after a high court judge quashed a decision by the public prosecution service (PPS) to drop murder charges...

Maar net omdat dit nie die beste foto sal wen nie..

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Maar net omdat dit nie die beste foto sal wen nie.., Maar net omdat dit nie die beste foto sal wen nie... Maar net omdat dit nie die beste foto sal wen nie.., Maar net omdat dit nie die beste foto sal wen nie...

Young Plato review – Belfast headteacher inspires playground philosophers

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This documentary about school life brought back happy memories of Nicolas Philibert’s classic Etre et Avoir from a generation ago, about a gentle teacher in rural France helping his infants understand the meaning of l...

Belfast researcher wins £50,000 prize to aid early detection of ovarian cancer

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Oor 20 women a day are diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the UK. Their condition is often well advanced before it is detected, making their tumours difficult to treat. But if Belfast researcher Shannon Beattie is suc...

Tell us about your experiences of leaving Belfast in the 1960s and 1970s

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Kenneth Branagh’s semi-autobiographical film Belfast, is about a young boy growing up in the city in the late 1960s as the Troubles began, and how he and his family, eventually decided to go to England. Branagh’s fami...

‘I got really lucky’: Caitríona Balfe, star of Belfast, on fame, family and fans

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Caitríona Balfe can remember the exact moment she realised she was done with being a model. It was the mid-2000s and Balfe was 27-ish, she thinks. It had been almost a decade since she’d been scouted in a Dublin super...

Belfast review – Branagh’s chocolate box vision of his childhood

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Kenneth Branagh’s unabashedly feelgood memoir of growing up in Belfast as the Troubles erupted in the late 1960s suffers from a problem of perspective. Canted camera angles are rendered in flat, too-clean black and wh...

‘Gay cake’ row: man loses seven-year battle against Belfast bakery

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A man has lost a seven-year legal battle against a Belfast bakery that refused to make him a cake emblazoned with the message “support gay marriage” as the European court of human rights ruled that his claim was inadm...

Golden Globe nominations 2022: Belfast and The Power of the Dog lead the pack

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In one of the more unexpected comebacks of the year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has announced the nominations for its 79th awards ceremony, to be held on 9 January – but not screened on television after b...

The children’s funeral that shook Belfast – Alain Le Garsmeur’s best photograph

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I had been to Belfast several times. I was a freelance photographer and all my work came from the Sunday Times ringing me up and saying: “Are you interested in going to such and such a place?” They would send me abroa...

Belfast to the Causeway Coast: five of the best holidays in Northern Ireland

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The coastal route that meanders along the top of Northern Ireland is one of the best road trips you could ask for. The scenery ticks all the boxes – you weave alongside the shore, driving by striking clifftops and pr...

Belfast review – Kenneth Branagh’s euphoric eulogy to his home city

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There is a terrific warmth and tenderness to Kenneth Branagh’s elegiac, autobiographical movie about the Belfast of his childhood: spryly written, beautifully acted and shot in a lustrous monochrome, with set pieces, ...

Michael Smiley’s teenage obsessions: ‘I heard the Beat and came back to Belfast a rude boy’

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Music was like a totem pole for us, growing up in Belfast in the 70s. My mother was a singer and a dancer: she had a beautiful voice, and if there was ever a chance to get on the dancefloor, she’d take it. She loved M...

Belfast judge calls on UK to investigate Omagh bombing

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A high court judge in Belfast has recommended the UK government undertake a human rights compliant investigation into the Omagh bombing, and urged the Irish government to do likewise, after finding there was a “real p...

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