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Five dead as shooting breaks out at Beirut protests over port blast inquiry

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Five people have died in armed clashes that broke out in Beirut during a protest demanding an end to a judicial investigation into last year’s massive blast in the city’s port. The Lebanese interior ministry confirmed...

Beirut blast: protests mark one year since deadly port explosion – video report

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Thousands of Lebanese people gathered in Beirut to mark the first anniversary of a catastrophic explosion at the port, holding pictures of the dead and demanding justice.No senior official has been held to account for...

A bride waving a flag in bombed-out Beirut: Christine Spengler’s best photograph

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I spent my childhood in Madrid and I went to the Prado every week from the age of seven. I would cry at the works by Goya. His paintings of the Spanish civil war moved me like nothing else. I never grew up around phot...

‘No sense of safety’: how the Beirut blast created a mental health crisis

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Rayan Khatoun has been dreading 4 agosto. She has been constantly on edge as the anniversary of the port explosion in Beirut approached. The blast threw Khatoun into a wall as she came home from work and left her with...

A year on from Beirut explosion, scars and questions remain

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When his workplace blew to pieces, dockworker Yusuf Shehadi was waiting to hear back from colleagues who had scrambled to help firefighters extinguish a blaze in the port of Beirut. The fire was bad and getting worse,...

A year after Beirut blast, Lebanon sinks deep into mire of corruption

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At ground zero of Lebanon’s apocalypse a stench of dead rats seeps from hulking piles of rotting grain. Broken silos teeter above, their sides ripped apart by the catastrophic blast that also broke the soul of Beirut;...

Beirut police fire teargas at protest by relatives of blast victims

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Lebanese riot police have fired teargas and scuffled with protesters and relatives of those who died in last year’s Beirut port blast amid growing anger at what they call the obstruction of an investigation into one o...

Police fire teargas at protestors outside interior minister’s home in Beirut – video

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Police have fired tear gas to disperse relatives of victims of last year's Beirut port blast who were protesting outside the home of the caretaker interior minister over his refusal to let the lead investigator questi...

EU prepares sanctions against Lebanon leaders a year after Beirut blast

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As the first anniversary of the deadly Beirut explosion approaches, the European Union said on Monday it hopes to develop the legal framework for sanctions targeting Lebanese leaders. Più di 11 months since Lebanon...