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Ted Cruz angrily quits interview after being confronted about gun control

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The Texas Republican senator Ted Cruz confronted a British reporter and angrily left an interview after he was asked why school shootings like that in Uvalde, where 19 children and two adults were killed, happen so of...

Seven centuries of Irish archives painstakingly recreated after being destroyed in civil war

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Nel mese di giugno 1922, the opening battle of Ireland’s civil war destroyed one of Europe’s great archives in a historic calamity that reduced seven centuries of documents and manuscripts to ash and dust. Once the envy of schol...

Matthew Mott risks it all to try being white-ball saviour for England’s men

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In some ways it seems strange for Matthew Mott to decide that this is the moment to move jobs. Da quando 2015 he has been building the Australian women’s cricket team into a canary-yellow juggernaut, bristling with firepo...

Trump pays $110,000 in fines after being held in contempt of court

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Donald Trump has paid $110,000 in fines after being held in contempt of court for being slow to respond to a civil subpoena issued by the attorney general of New York state. The news on one front in the former preside...

Hanky-panky nel Tardis! Come ha trascorso il film di Doctor Who di uno scrittore 25 anni odiati dai fan

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“Ho scritto molte cose di cui mi sono felicemente dimenticato, o che sono stati ricordati con affetto,” dice Matthew Jacobs. "Ma il film per la TV di Doctor Who è molto simile a un tatuaggio che non andrà via." Cos'è l...

Gucci £1,300 umbrella ridiculed in China for not being waterproof

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An umbrella created as part of a collaboration between Gucci and Adidas has met with a storm of criticism in China, where social media users have derided its inability to keep its owner dry. Chinese consumers are call...

Man with severe learning disabilities faces being deported to Jamaica

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Urgent legal action has been launched to halt the deportation to Jamaica of a man with such severe learning disabiilties that a judge found he would “struggle to survive” if sent back to the country of his birth. Il ...

Margaret Thatcher statue egged within hours of it being installed

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Warnings that a new statue of Margaret Thatcher would attract egg-throwing protests came true within two hours of it being installed in her home town of Grantham on Sunday. The bronze statue was, without ceremony, pla...

‘The Foreign Office has forgotten us’: Morad Tahbaz’s daughter speaks out on him still being incarcerated in Iran

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In among the relief and euphoria that attended the return to Britain of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and businessman Anoosheh Ashoori from Iranian jails in March, one family was feeling precisely the opposite emotions. T ...

Alex Scott’s year in TV: ‘When Eriksen collapsed – it was about being honest’

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Alex Scott, 37, signed for Arsenal at the age of eight. She won 140 caps for England, before retiring in 2017 to pursue a full-time career as a broadcaster, going on to become a pundit for the BBC and Sky. Nel 2021, Hikaru Nakamura vince a Berlino mentre il famoso streamer di scacchi guida il Grand Prix.

Dicci: share your stories about being betrayed by a friend

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As Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney remain locked in an expensive libel battle, the so-called “Wagatha Christie” trial has the nation hooked. Vardy claims her reputation has been damaged by her former friend’s suggesti...

"Essere senzatetto sembrava inevitabile": dopo anni di cure, Vivevo in una tenda. Di chi era la colpa?

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Quando ho chiuso la mia tenda durante la mia prima notte di sonno agitato, Non provavo disperazione. Era 2013 e avevo scelto un appezzamento erboso vicino a una mulattiera, dove ho ascoltato il vento frusciare tra gli alberi mentre le gocce di pioggia rimbalzano...

Why are so many journalists being killed in Mexico? – podcast

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The death of Mexican crime reporter Margarito Martinez shocked his friends and colleagues in Tijuana. Tom Phillips reports on how the Mexican president’s verbal attacks on the press are putting its country’s journalis...

‘Wagatha Christie’ trial: Rebekah Vardy denies being willing to lie under oath

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Rebekah Vardy has denied being willing to lie under oath in the “Wagatha Christie” libel trial, as she admitted allowing her agent to access Coleen Rooney’s private Instagram posts. Giving evidence on Wednesday, the s...

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