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El Father Plays Himself review – behind the scenes with a raging wildman ego

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Here’s a behind-the-scenes documentary in the tradition of Burden of Dreams­, Les Blank’s making-of film about Werner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo. This one even has a wild-man actor, Jorge Thielen Hedderich – though he’s no...

TV vanaand: behind the scenes on a Covid ward in Coventry

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This intense and in-depth medical docuseries returns to the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire trust as the Covid pandemic sets in. Having delivered the world’s first vaccine outside of a trial at the Cov...

The Guardian view on reopening the arts: behind the scenes, all is not well

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Aan 17 Mei, arts and cultural venues may reopen; indeed commercial galleries, by virtue of their status as shops, were able to open on 12 April. The public will be able to visit museums and art galleries, and book tick...

I once became an editor by mistake. It taught me to value the people behind the scenes

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I am going to assume you are a Guardian reader, given that you are at this moment reading the Guardian. Whenever I meet Guardian readers, they invariably ask me about my fellow Guardian writers: what’s Tim Dowling lik...

Behind the scenes, Labour MPs are losing faith in Keir Starmer

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During his punt for the top job, Keir Starmer named Harold Wilson as the Labour leader he most admired, and his predecessor’s advice remains apt. “The Labour party is like a stagecoach,” Wilson once observed. “If you ...

‘We thought we’d be back in weeks’: behind the scenes at the locked down V&A

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The Victoria & Albert Museum is a strange place to be on this late-February morning. The staircases and deserted hallways echo to my footsteps. A top-floor gallery looks naked, with gaps on the walls and improvise...